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The No. 1 reason jobseekers fail

Published:Wednesday | May 6, 2015 | 1:15 PMGlenford Smith

Matt, a Jamaican who emigrated to Canada to take up a better job offer, recently returned home and shared his fascinating career journey with me. His story reveals what I believe is the number one reason job-seekers fail in their quest to find a job, either at home, or abroad.
Not just that. It also explains what may the ultimate factor in getting a raise, securing a promotion, or making a sale.
Discover and apply this secret, and you’ll succeed, no matter what. Neglect it, however, and your earnestly sought-after job, promotion or sale may continue to elude you.
Matt is an auto industry professional, with qualifications from the Jamaica-German Automotive School (JAGAS). He currently serves in a well-paying position at the Royal Ford dealership in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan. He and his family have obtained their legal work and residency status. But that’s not what’s remarkable.
What makes Matt’s story noteworthy is this: the process which culminated in his success took an incredible eight years.
During that time, his Canadian visa application got turned down three times. He got accepted into a college, paid tuition and had to forfeit. He got accepted for a previous job at Royal Ford which he had to forfeit, as well.
He gave a clue as to what enabled him to finally get his heart’s desire. He said: “You have to really want it. Getting what you want in life isn’t always easy. But you have to show that you really want it, or you won’t get it.”
He should know. It took him five years to get a response to his first visa application for the regular skilled worker programme. The response? Refund of his application fee and a cancelled application due to a revised visa application system. Most people would have stopped right there. Matt did not.
He applied again, this time for a student visa. The embassy turned him down, claiming he would ‘run off’ and abandon ‘Jamaica Land We Love’.’ He still didn’t quit.
He tried again, undaunted. This time he switched tactics, applying for a temporary resident or visitor’s visa. The Canadian embassy, however, was equally undaunted in their resolve to deny him, and did.
All this time, he was searching daily on the internet for a job appropriate to his qualifications. He was also exploring contacts both in Jamaica and Canada. And that’s where his perseverance paid off. He eventually stumbled across the opening at Royal Ford.
His first application, including a Skype interview was successful in landing the job. However, his visa was turned down. Matt still kept hope alive, nevertheless.
He called Royal Ford a few months after, asking them to consider him for another vacancy if one opened up. One subsequently did. Through the company, he eventually got his visa, work permit and permanent residency. His story is one which every highly successful person can relate to.
It’s simple lesson is this: A quitter never wins; a winner never quits. More than anything else, your ability to persist, no matter what, will ultimately determine your career success or failure.

Glenford Smith is a motivational speaker and success strategist. He is the author of From Problems to Power and co-author of Profile of Excellence.