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JamZone bowling alley revises pricing structure

Published:Monday | June 22, 2015 | 4:42 PMTameka Gordon
The JamZone Bowling Alley at the Manor Centre shopping complex in Kingston.

Jamaica's first bowling alley, JamZone, has revamped the pricing structure advertised for bowling and entry to the venue following pushback from prospective customers who say the costs are too high.

The bowling alley, which opened just a month ago, published the prices on its Facebook page which included a entry charge for persons who were only dining as well as for persons who wanted to dine and bowl, but has since removed those costs, JamZone representative Gavin Williams told Wednesday Business.

"We adjust to our customers' demands. So we review our offerings every week and we tailor our offerings to what the customer wants," Williams said.

"If you are going to eat, you are escorted to the sports bar and lounge. You don't pay to enter to go and eat," Williams said of the new arrangements.

The entertainment facility is sectionalised for bowling and dining. Persons who turn up to dine but then decide to do some bowling while they're there, simply pay the cost for using the bowling alley, he said.

The initial prices advertised since the opening have not changed. The bowling alley accommodates a minimum party of two, who each pay $1,150 for 15 minutes of bowling from Mondays to Thursdays, and $1,350 each for 15 minutes Fridays to Sundays.

Children pay $600 during the week and $700 on weekends.

Customers also complained that the 15-minute window for two people was too short, but Williams suggested customers can get around that by bowling in groups.

"Four persons get 60 minutes and six persons get an hour-and-a-half. If you calculate it, you get 15 minutes per person. People understand this much better," he said.

Patrons who enter just for the 5D cinema simulator pay $500 "if you are in the venue already and $600 if you are just coming to use the 5D cinema," Williams said.

The charge is the same for both adults and children.

Meals at the venue are priced at roughly $1,000 for a burger, and a serving of wings or pizza for $1,200. Lemonade costs $250 and a fruit punch daiquiri $500.