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Resort apartments put up for sale to recover maintenance fees

Published:Friday | June 26, 2015 | 12:00 AM

Five residential units at the Sunshine Village Complex in Negril have been placed on the market to recover outstanding maintenance fees from their owners.

The forced sale is happening under the strata corporation law, which was expanded in 2013 to allow for such recoveries on a more timely basis.

Sunshine Village comprises 32 split-level bungalow apartments, while the ground floor is used for office and commercial space by a bank, supermarket, doctor, pharmacy, travel agency and other businesses.

The five apartments were put on sale for fees that were said to be outstanding for more than 30 days, as the law requires, but the manager of the complex declined to provide a more specific period for the arrears. The maintenance fees cover unit charges for common areas, including the swimming pool, lights, the car park, security and other amenities.

Last September, the Real Estate Board and Strata Commission pointed to an uptick in applications for the forced sale of residential units under the new powers granted to strata executives.

Amendments to the strata law passed December 2013 making it easier for strata corporations to secure power of sale for units where the owners fall into arrears on fees.