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Nature's Paradise incorporates security in expanded services

Published:Sunday | September 20, 2015 | 12:00 AMTameka Gordon
The Nature's Paradise complex.

Gardening and landscaping company Nature's Paradise, a member of the Guardsman Group, is hoping to snag a bigger piece of the market with expanded services to both commercial and residential clients.

The company has added 20 workmen to its crew since the start of the year and is on the hunt for an operations manager.

"We are adding other services geared towards doing a complete solution," General Manager Nadia Tharkur told Sunday Business.

Traditionally, Nature's Paradise offered landscaping, plant rentals, water features, and garden main-tenance to its commercial and residential clients but has expanded to fencing, painting, animal enclosures, grille works, and other services.

"We don't want to be doing part (of a job) with another contractor doing another part because we can't guarantee quality. By ensuring we have everybody in this company, we can ensure that we can deliver to you on time and ensure quality," said Tharkur, referring to the skills sets required to deliver services to clients.


With over 55 landscapers now on staff, Tharkur said the company has a "core team" to tackle requests from larger clients.

"We are taking on new locations (and) larger-size contracts, which is why we are going to offer these services," she said.

The 12-year-old company started with just 30 clients but now serves over 130.

"We've grown more than 100 per cent within the last two years, so we have taken on additional persons. We use to do small companies, but now we are expanding in commercial," she said of an uptick in demand.

She said more individuals are also now realising the value added to their properties when the curbs are appealing and well-maintained and that this has also fed into the rising demand for Nature Paradises' services.

The expansion is also under-pinned by Guardsman Group's strategy of integrating services as well as its ongoing brand-visibility campaign. Nature's Paradise is now offering bundled packages of security, which is the core business of its parent, and landscaping.

"Because we are part of a group, we can also tie in security and alarm services and offer that to customers as a bundled service to both commercial and residential clients," Tharkur said.

Clients will get "all the services at less cost" and the convenience of dealing with one service provider client instead of several.

"What we are going for is to increase our income so that we are able to offer the customer more value at the same cost because the more customers we have, it's easier to spread the cost of operations," she said.