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10 strategies for a spectacular 2016

Published:Sunday | January 3, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Jamaicans watch fireworks on the waterfront at Ocean Boulevard, Kingston, on New Year’s Eve.

The New Year, 2016, is here. There's a lot to look forward to.

In local politics, Prime Minister Simpson Miller will finally 'call it', for one. Internationally, Barack Obama, America's first black president, will leave the White House, ending his historic two terms in office.

In sports, too, Jamaica and the world are holding their collective breath in anticipation of Usain Bolt's climactic Rio Olympic exit. Question is, though: What are 'you' looking forward to in your career and life for 2016? I believe it's the most important question to consider, as far as you're concerned.

Give it some thought, if you haven't already done so. Then move beyond thinking to making a few decisions about what you'll expect for 2016. How?

Well, simply by deciding. As the famous adage says: "The best way to predict the future is to invent it."

That is, mentally create the future you're committed to experience, then go out into the world and do whatever it takes to make it happen. Here are 10 helpful tips for making the new year your best year ever.

1. Raise your standards

A spectacular year doesn't just happen; you have to deliberately set out to make it happen. Demand nothing less than exceptional performance and outcomes for your personal and professional life in 2016. Clarify what a spectacular year would mean for you, and decide not to settle for anything less.

2. Resolve to succeed

You hear it all the time: New Year's resolutions don't work. Newsflash: they weren't meant to work, you are. Look up the dictionary definition of 'resolve': It means a firm determination to do something. That's a world of difference from 'wish', which is what counts for most people's New Year's resolution. Make up your mind to win, whatever it takes.

3. Clarify your reasons

Motives are what make great achievers. They are driven by unstoppable, irrepressible internal reasons which incite them to eschew excuses and persevere. Clarify your great why. You'll discover the truth of Nietzsche's words: "He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how."

4. Create rituals

Design routines and structure into your life. We are the product of habits, so take control of deliberately developing powerful success habits.

5. Read

If achieving spectacular results in 2016 is your goal, reading isn't optional. One book a week is ideal; one per month is minimum.

6. Develop powerful relationships

Be conscious and strategic in developing your network. Remember: your network determines your net worth.

7. Reinvent yourself

If you intend for your results to change, you have to change first. Be willing to embrace change beyond your comfort zone. Adopt new habits and a more empowered self-concept.

8. Be relentless

Be determined, consistent and focused on achieving your 2016 goals. Adapt and adopt new plans if the original ones don't work, but don't quit - keep on working.

9. Find mentors

There's no great success without mentors, coaches and teachers. Get one, or two.

10. Conquer resistance

Master the voice within telling you that you can't. Force yourself to go beyond what you're used to. Expect inner opponents such as self-doubt, fear and inertia; and beat them with self-discipline.

n Glenford Smith is a motivational speaker and success strategist. He is the author of 'From Problems to Power' and co-author of 'Profile of Excellence'.