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Jamaica rum exports up by double digits

Published:Wednesday | March 2, 2016 | 12:00 AMSteven Jackson

Wray & Nephew and Appleton rum sales increased by double-digit levels to euro97.8 million ($12.9 billion) for the 2015 calendar year due to increased demand locally and in the United States.

J. Wray & Nephew Limited also introduced new labelling and experimental marketing in countries such as the United Kingdom.

Gruppo Campari chief executive officer Bob Kunze-Concewitz said at an investor briefing on Tuesday that the Jamaican rums division grew 16 per cent in the fourth quarter, and 15.8 per cent for the year, ?mainly driven by improved performances of core Appleton Estate and Wray & Nephew White Overproof?.

Campari, which owns the local rum maker, earned adjusted net profit of euro185.9 million on net sales of euro1.65 billion for its December 2015 year end or 20.4 per cent higher profit year on year. The group benefited from increased sales in key brands and regions.

The Jamaican rums received ?very good growth in the core US market? up 19.4 per cent, leveraging the quality, provenance and craftsmanship of the Jamaican premium dark spirits, Kunze-Concewitz said. They also performed positively Canada, as well as Jamaica, Peru and Mexico via recruitment of key influential mixologists and rum bars in key cities. Also the company indicated positive progression in seeding markets, including UK, Central Europe, Italy and Australia, as well as global travel retail.

Jamaica rum sales represented roughly six per cent of total sales compared to Skyy Vodka at 11 per cent, Aperol at 10 per cent Campari at 10 per cent, Wild Turkey at 8.0 per cent as other key brands.

The latest Jamaica rums campaign ?From Jamaica with Love? highlights the craftsmanship in the brand?s unique cane to cup production process, and the authentic, undiscovered Jamaica, the soulful Jamaican people, explained Campari in its investor update on Tuesday.


The company recently rebranded its three key Appleton products including the signature, reserve and 12-year rums. Campari said the new labels would ?help consumers appreciate the differences and hierarchy? among variants and celebrate the art of blending.

?While making no changes to the to the award-winning liquid, the new packaging is designed to capture the craftsmanship and exceptional quality of Appleton Estate and celebrate the uniqueness of Appleton Estate heritage,? the company said.