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NHT payments now being made through TAJ

Published:Sunday | April 24, 2016 | 12:00 AMTameka Gordon

Self-employed contributors to the National Housing Trust (NHT) are now required to make their monthly payments through the tax offices run by Tax Administration Jamaica (TAJ).

The change took effect on April 1.

Branch offices of the NHT are now redirecting contributors to the tax offices, but the NHT's main office in Kingston has been accommodating walk-in customers. However, the NHT say that this will end shortly.

Employers will also now have to make their payments through TAJ, the NHT stated on its website.

Formerly, the NHT accepted these payments at its office, online, or via commercial banks.

The new payment method forms part of the Revenue Administration Information System (RAiS) initiative aimed at streamlining tax collection.

Under the programme, all tax types, including education as well as statutory contributions for National Insurance Scheme (NIS), NHT, and HEART/NTA, will eventually be paid through TAJ as Government clamps down on tax dodgers.

RAiS' implementation is in the second phase of a three-part programme. Eventually, all agencies will be able to view taxpayers' profiles, with each agency tasked to man compliance of its contributors.

RAiS is meant to make that task easier since the payment activity of a taxpayer in any one area can be tracked by all agencies. So, for example, an NHT contributor who is not compliant on his NIS payments can more easily be detected, the Financial Gleaner has learnt.

TAJ and the NHT, which are consulting on their response for this story, had not commented up to press time.