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Supreme Ventures upgrades lottery platform

Published:Friday | August 5, 2016 | 12:00 AMTameka Gordon
Brian George, president and CEO of Supreme Ventures Limited.

Supreme Ventures Limited (SVL) has upgraded its lottery platform, financed by technology partner International Game Technology Plc (IGT).

The new Enterprise Series (ES) system was launched on July 31.

The cost was not disclosed. SVL said only that IGT invested several million US dollars in the upgrade.

"ES is a very robust, sophisticated, and efficient system that will allow us to do things that wouldn't have been possible before," said SVL President and CEO Brian George, including in-depth analysis of game and agent performance.

"There are several aspects to it," he said of ES. "From management's point of view, because it's a new operating environment, the efficiency of the processing capabilities will be much faster than the older environment."

For agents, the new ES removes the challenge of managing multiple operators.

"One of the challenges of the old environment is that if an agent has multiple operators, they could not manage multiple passwords on the system. This now allows them to check to see the performance of operators, not just the performance of the terminals," said George.

It also allows SVL to better monitor and manage its agents and locations and track their performance.

"We can now group multiple terminals under one agent so that from a management point of view, we can see the performance of agent John Brown, for example, who has six terminals located in six different parts of the island, and we then see how John Brown, as an agent, is performing," said the SVL president.

With the information database that ES provides, SVL can now "do better analysis of the performance of the games and performance of the agents within the games so SVL can easily identify its top agent in a particular game and not just in revenue", George added.

The plug-and-play nature of the new platform will also allow the company to rework any game without having to take it offline.

"If you wanted to add a new game or new game feature, you don't have to bring down all the game because the games are now in a modular form. You can easily replace a game without having to bring down the entire system because of the fact that the systems are independently run," he told the Financial Gleaner.

George said the new system also brings the company closer to being able to deliver its interactive gaming options as soon as it gets the green light from the regulator, as well as "other opportunities, which we see on the horizon".

"It opens a world of possibilities for us which hitherto would have been constrained by the technology that we had in place, although it was efficient," said George.

"In terms of where we wish to go and being able to exploit opportunities that may present themselves in the future, we would have had challenges (with the old platform). We can push forward now that we have the technological environment to support the long-term strategies of the company."

The arrangement between the companies sees SVL paying a fee to IGT to deliver cutting-edge technology to back its operations.

"When we renewed our last arrangement with them, we negotiated that they would have a new operating platform in place by 2015, but because of changes within their own organisation, we agreed to delay it to 2016," George said.