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Regional Bizbriefs

Published:Wednesday | February 8, 2017 | 12:00 AM

Guyana to adopt Caricom poultry standard

Guyana says it is in the process of adopting the Caricom regional standard specification for poultry and poultry products as a national standard.

Guyana National Bureau (GNBS) public relations officer, Lloyd David, said the standard was developed in 2012, in consultation with Caricom Regional Organisation for Standards and Quality.

"... Aspects such as testing, certification, labelling and measurement will become integral parts of the production process. In addition, the Veterinary Public Health Unit, as the competent authority, will be able to comprehensively monitor poultry meat production in Guyana according to the requirements of the standard," David said.

The scope of the poultry standard covers primary processed poultry, consisting of carcases, poultry parts and poultry products for human consumption. It defines and distinguishes between the market classes of poultry.

David also said the standard includes requirements for sanitation, plant hygiene, the dressing operation, grading, packaging, labelling and marketing, as well as ante-mortem and post- mortem inspection of poultry products sold through commercial distribution systems. However, it does not apply to freshly killed poultry prepared for direct sale to consumers, for which conditions may be prescribed in national regulations, said the GNBS officer.

Public consultations on the new standards are ongoing until March 31.

Haiti gets help from IMF

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is providing US$41.6 million to Haiti under its Rapid Credit Facility to shore up the country's balance of payments and aid its recovery from storm damage.

The French-speaking island was hit by Hurricane Matthew at Category Four strength on October 4, 2016, destroying infrastructure and killing hundreds.

"As a country with widespread development needs, Haiti continues to face substantial challenges. The successful conclusion of the recent presidential election provides Haiti with an opportunity to rebuild from the storm and to advance its reform agenda," the IMF said.