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Guinness pairs six pack with potato chips

Published:Thursday | February 23, 2017 | 1:48 PMTameka Gordon
Brand manager Imru James

Following on what it has done in other markets, Guinness has paired its six pack stout with British hand cooked potato chips in the hope of driving local sales.

The Guinness and Burts Potato Chips special was launched in January and rolled out in select supermarkets and wholesales islandwide.

“As with anything we do, the aim is always to increase sales and drive brand love and loyalty ... ,” brand manager, Imru James told Gleaner Business via email.

However, he declined to state precisely the expected market take-up from the special. 

Burts is an independent manufacturer of potato chips in the United Kingdom.

“They have obtained rights to use the Guinness flavour to manufacture the treat,” James said.

The chips are imported for the six pack deal, which is also executed in other market such as North America and the United Kingdom.

Red Stripe Jamaica, which distributes Guinness locally, will not be branching into manufacturing and will continue to import the product for the duration of the promotion.

“We want to continue to showcase the brand’s versatility,” the company said.