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Tullow Oil execs in Jamaica to conduct 2D survey

Published:Friday | February 24, 2017 | 3:31 PMSteven Jackson
Jerome Kelly, Tullow Oil's exploration manager for South America and Caribbean.

Tullow Oil regional heads are now in Jamaica to sensitise private and public stakeholders on plans to start a 2D seismic survey in the island next month. 

It is aimed at identifying the source of oil found off the coast of the Pedro Banks.

Tullow described their preliminary find last year as the first 'live' or flowing oil  in or off the coast of Jamaica.

Oil previously found came from well basins that were dried up or 'dead', stated Jerome Kelly, exploration manager for the Caribbean in a Gleaner interview.

Kelly is in Jamaica with three other Tullow managers, including Madeleine Slatford, principal geoscientist; David Newton, safety, sustainability and external affairs manager, and John McKenna, regional and development manager for South America and the Caribbean.

"The survey will start in March and the median length would see it last between five to 10 days," Kelly said about the survey which will examine Blower Rock at Pedro Banks northwards to Kingston.

"The live oil was of a tiny amount (like an oil sheen on the surface). So it doesn't say how much is underground nor does it say where that oil has come from and that is why we are doing the survey," said Kelly.

The findings of the survey are to expected to be released in May. If the results are positive it would result in the company conducting a 3D survey. If positive, it would result in drilling starting between 2019 and 2020, said Kelly, who spoke with the The Gleaner at The Jamaica Pegasus hotel in Kingston on Friday.

The United Kingdom-based Tullow Oil holds the licence for oil exploration off the coast of Jamaica.

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