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Circuit and Revolution auto shows both claim success

Published:Wednesday | March 15, 2017 | 12:00 AM

The two camps that staged competing auto sales events over the weekend are claiming success, even as correspondence between them suggests that

litigation is possible to settle their imbroglio.

Kent LaCroix, chairman of the Automobile Dealers Association (ADA), says while the concrete reports are not yet in, the ADA Auto Circuit, in which five dealers participated, lived up to expectations.

"It was a success from both the number of visitors and the number of vehicles sold. But we have to wait on the specific information from the various dealers," LaCroix said.

At ATL Automotive, which went solo with Auto Revolution, Chairman Adam Stewart was equally buoyant, saying more than 7,000 persons showed up over the three-day event.

"We were very happy. I felt it was very engaging," said Stewart. "There were a lot of serious buyers. The banks were very aggressive and they were on site. We exceeded our best expectations with leads, and the team has lot to follow through on," he said.

LaCroix said last week that the ADA would be putting on another show in November, but he now says there is no final decision on that show, given the weekend events.

"That all depends on what the rest of the dealers want. It really depends on how successful they feel the event was," he said,

referencing the performance of Auto Circuit. "Nobody has made any adverse comments about it. Everybody was pleased," he added.

The impasse that led to the staging of competing shows is still to be resolved. LaCroix was critical of the reporting on the disagreement last Friday, but would not discuss the specifics.

"We had some concerns with the article, but we are not prepared to comment on that aspect at this time," was all he would offer.

Stewart said his lawyers have written to ADA seeking the basis on which certain decisions were made.

Gleaner Business has ascertained that in the lead-up to the auto shows, the parties exchanged correspondence that included the prospect of having the matter resolved in the Supreme Court.

However, so far, no legal action has been filed, but Stewart has resolved to continue pressing his case and is awaiting a response from ADA's lawyers before deciding his next move.

"It is now Tuesday, and we still have yet to hear from the ADA, and there must be a lot of soul-searching for an explanation, because by now they must have realised that it is not a boys' club that they're running, but it is an official association in which we are a very significant player and a paid-up member," Stewart said.

The Automobile Dealers Association represents eight of the 10 new-car dealers in Jamaica. LaCroix currently chairs the board of directors.