Mon | Nov 20, 2017

Medicanja names first six medical ganja products

Published:Thursday | November 2, 2017 | 5:54 PMSteven Jackson


Medicanja Jamaica Limited six medical ganja products on Thursday, with plans to explore others.

The company controlled by Dr Henry Lowe received approval from the Ministry of Health for its but still awaits licence from the Cannabis Licensing Authority. It requires CLA approval in order to trade locally.

“The major hurdle we have had to cross over the years was the restrictions of the CLA. Nevertheless, we have since received approval from the Ministry of Health who now seem to be on the right track to understanding and managing the rule potential of medical cannabis to treat various illness,” Lowe.

“But we still have some way to go where CLA is concerned," he said.

The launch represented only the disclosure of the product names and preliminary steps to offer the products.  They include: CanjaCol, a infused rubbing alcohol for the treatment of arthritis and joint pains, carpal tunnel and others; Relevium Cream, for muscle pains, strains and inflammation; Somnican, a tongue droplet for muscle aches and cramps; CanjaRub, a healing oil designed for pain relief and muscle stillness; Relevium Spray, also for pain, swelling or strains; and Tivasat, an oromucosal spray for mild to moderate pain.

“The launch today represents a step in the right direction, not just for Medicanja, but for Jamaica, as we are now readying ourselves to compete in a very lucrative global market. However, this can only be realised if we show commitment and support for the industry,” said the Medicanja founder, while noting that Jamaica remains on the cusp of an annual US$1.5 billion industry.

Professor Archibald McDonald, principal at the Mona campus of the University of the West Indies, urged the CLA to issue more licences to fast-track the industry. The CLA issued two licences in October with a raft of others in various stages of approval. McDonald said delaying the issuing of licences could result in Jamaica losing ground to companies in the United States.

“The CLA needs to end the bureaucracy and its over legalistic approach to the industry. They are holding back the advances of the cannabis industry,” McDonald said.

Both the UWI and the University of Technology Jamaica are conducting ganja research without licences, he said. The institutions were provided with a special order to conduct research and that order expires in December for the UWI, said McDonald.

“It is my hope that the CLA will give licences to the two institutions,” he said.

Medicanja also spoke of future products that would include Ganja Viz, a glaucoma eye drop aimed at regulating inner ocular eye pressure; Ganja Derm, a transdermal pain medication patch; Ganja Vit, a cannabis multivitamin tonic; Ganja Tabs comprising cannabis CBD tablets; and Ganja Tea, a cannabis leaf tea.

Medicanja is to finalise distribution of its products.