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Advertorial: Stakers to present progressive web app

Published:Friday | November 24, 2017 | 6:14 PMADVERTORIAL

The iGaming operator is introducing a progressive web app for its mobile version.

Even in the situation of uncertain network conditions, the application operates the update of sports data and the odds movements without any time lag.

With no download requirements, it shows the same speed as a native app.

Worldwide trends attest to the increasing role of mobile communication.

According to the recently published report presented by OC&C Strategy Consultants around 49 per cent of e-commerce transactions were made with the help of a smartphone in 2016, and this tendency is believed to grow and make more than 80 per cent by the end of 2019.

"We are quite aware of continuous increase in the number of smartphones, for this reason I am delighted to announce the new technology build in house by excellent developer team of Stakers. Thanks to the user-friendly new features, the new app will serve as a reliable companion for our customers and guide them through their whole sports betting adventure from the moment they place a bet until they withdraw the winnings by their preferable payout method," said Michael Schmidt, company business development manager.

Great loading time
Applications with great loading time do not meet the requirements of modern mobile communication world any more. Sometimes, in peak hours, the volume of actively traded events can be up to 300 with up to 1,400 odds traded per event.

In the situation of an average change of forces every ten seconds, being current with all the changes in the field using a smartphone, even the older models, is very important. Consequently, a new approach to the volume of transmitted data is required.

"One should abandon relying on the same old tools we used in the pre-mobile era, because smartphones have dramatically changed the very nature of how we interact with the Internet," Schmidt said.

"Stakers’ highly proficient team is working to remove any hurdles deteriorating our customer’s betting experience. With mobile application score updates become sometimes available even faster than you might get them on your TV broadcasts."

The new mobile application promotes increase in players’ experience and their concentration on the actual odds rather than watching the goal scored 10 seconds ago on the TV. There is no need for players to follow all matches they might be betting on — all the scores are instantly available in the Stakers’ app.

Real-time statistic
The application displays real-time statistic data on the passed and live events as well as line ups. The event tracker follows the game with a tracker intact with the action.

Working in any mobile browser the new Stakers mobile app is accessible on all mobile devices.

"Our new mobile PWA is available on all mobile devices and tablets with Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Opera installed," Schmidt said.

"Our proprietary compression algorithm changes the game having the application fully stable even on the slowest networks."

To keep the customers involved and increase their betting experience, the app gives the opportunity to make not only sports pre-match and live-in-play betting, but also benefit from more notable betting opportunities including casino, live casino and financial betting. It is the first time when PWA has been introduced for financial betting, thus it allows making this kind of bets without any delay.

Progressive Web Apps is a Google’s innovative idea to make mobile web better by delivering app-level experiences without any friction.

Stakers is the first to present a fully progressive mobile web application in the sphere. is licensed in Malta and regulated by the Maltese Gaming Authority. License number MGA/CL2/1306/2017.