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Glenford Smith | 4 keys to a stellar career in 2018

Published:Wednesday | January 10, 2018 | 12:00 AM

A happy and successful 2018. We are some days into the new year and I think it's fair to say that we've now set out our goals for it. We would like you to follow through, not until the fourth week of January, and then you start dropping off. We know motivation is a function of engagement and interest so we want goals that inspire you to put forth the effort.

Below are four keys you can focus on in the new year to have a stellar career in 2018. Make the four areas your focus of attention and watch your career begin to shift and take an upward trajectory.

1. Take charge of your health

In 2016, I had a major health situation which reminded me of my mortality and that our health should not be taken for granted.

The same goes for every other reader, including you. The fact is that, if you lack sound health, you lack everything. Your ability to do what you plan to do, when you plan to do it, is compromised.

Pay special attention to your nutrition, exercise, and rest. Cut out the refined sugar and salt; get in your eight hours of sleep nightly and at least three times per week of forty-five minutes. Be consistent as this is the key with the exercise.

2. Build and follow your own curriculum

If you need to grow in your job you need to keep abreast of advancements in your field. Learn the techniques, the technologies and new innovations happening around you. You need to include the area of personal growth. There are vast, new arenas coming into being at a faster and faster rate.

You don't want to be left behind. The fact is that your company will just be interested to train you in the area where you will use the training for your job. But that alone is not enough. Build a curriculum which involves YouTube, books, ebooks, and videos. They should cover the areas you need

to prioritise.

3. You need a mentor or mentors

Pay if have to. A mentor seems to be a luxury you can't afford. But actual experience says it is one we cannot do without. A mentor has the experience that allows him or her to look on your situation through completely new eyes.

The distance from your situation means he or she can stand back and help you come up with a plan that you could not have come up with on your own.

A good mentor can point out

opportunities you are standing in but are oblivious about. You can just talk with your mentor and something clicks. Don't be afraid to ask someone if you have no money. Many good people just love to help and point out the way they've gone before.

4. Spend time with yourself

Yes, you need time away from everything and everyone, time

to unwind. Time to listen to your favourite music, read your favourite book, meditate or just journal. Patterns of thought and actions will reveal themselves to you over time. Take time to plan.

Glenford Smith is a motivational speaker and success strategist. He is the author of 'From Problems to Power' and co-author of 'Profile of Excellence'