Thu | Dec 13, 2018

Etech moves expanded operation into MoBay free zone

Published:Friday | January 26, 2018 | 12:00 AM

Etech Global Solutions, a Texas-based firm that acquired Jamaican company Strobe Communications, is planning to expand operations further in 2018, says company head Matt Rocco.

The American company in December leased operating space in the Montego Bay Free Zone, quadrupling Strobe's capacity from 50 seats to 200 seats, and plans to grow further "as opportunities arise," said Rocco, who is president and general manager of Etech Global.

Etech Global also operates contact centres in the United States and India. Rocco said the group employs 3,000 across its operations.

"Etech has invested well over US$1.2 million since inception," said Rocco, referring to the Jamaican operation. "We will continue to expand and invest as needs arise."

While not disclosing the date of acquisition of the local company, Rocco said Etech started operations in 2009 in Montego Bay. At first, Etech leased 50 seats from Strobe and established a centre on the second floor of the Montego Bay Post Office building.

"Etech has continued to grow, eventually acquiring Strobe Communications and merging the companies. Etech has made the move to the free zone, establishing a 200-plus seat centre, with plans to expand in 2018," Rocco said.

The Strobe operations are held through Jamaican Solutions LLC, an American limited liability company owned by Etech Global Services.

Rocco says he does not foresee any challenges to the company's growth plans, outside of the current crime problems in Montego Bay.

"Other than the recent state of emergency, we do not see any immediate challenges. We are hopeful the current situation in Montego Bay will be resolved quickly," the Etch head said.

Etech says on its website that it uses web chat as a means of gathering "business intelligence data from each interaction to drive strategic recommendations for continued sales and service improvements" on behalf of its clients.