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Statin embarks on first business survey

Published:Tuesday | July 31, 2018 | 12:00 AM
Director General of the Statistical Institute of Jamaica, Carol Coy.

A survey of business establish-ments is under way, the first of its kind to be attempted in Jamaica.

The project is being done by the Statistical Institute of Jamaica, Statin, in partnership with the Planning Institute of Jamaica, under the Jamaica Foundation for Competitiveness and Growth Project.

Statin field workers are to be deployed for three months, from the fourth week of July until the end of October, to collect baseline data in urban and semi-urban areas of Jamaica that employ three or more persons on a continuous basis - including location; economic activity; organisational structure; employee information; use of technology; use of alternative energy; access to financing; and challenges faced by businesses.

Statin said the survey would exclude businesses in agriculture, hunting and forestry industries, while establishments engaged in 'rare' activity as well as professional groupings, such as doctors, dentists and lawyers, will be included.

"Current and potential business owners and operators may also use the information when it is published to inform planning, market analysis, investment and other business decisions," Statin said in a release.