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Business Briefs

Published:Wednesday | February 13, 2019 | 12:14 AM

EFresh finalises Meat Experts takeover

Food distributor Everything Fresh Limited, EFresh, has closed the acquisition of The Meat Experts, giving it a foothold in the manufacturing sector.

EFresh said it paid $50 million for 100 per cent of the meat processing company and its assets, and will spend another $30 million on upgrades.

The Meat Experts operate a plant in Bog Walk, St Catherine, including its own abattoir or slaughtering facility, as well as cutting, processing, packaging and cold storage facilities.

Having concluded the deal that was first disclosed at the end of last year, EFresh says it will be serving up new products for both its retail market and bulk buyers under both the Meat Experts and Everything Fresh brands.



Russia to develop its own internet

The lower house of Russia’s parliament has passed the first reading of a bill to create a self-standing Russian segment of the Internet.

Supporters say the proposal is necessary in case Russia was to be cut off from the global internet, but opponents fear the measure would lead to widespread censorship.

The bill proposes that all internet traffic to users be routed through servers in Russia — making VPNs or virtual private networks ineffective. It also establishes an arm of the state communications watchdog to provide traffic control and routing.

Lyudmila Bokova, an upper house member who proposed the legislation, on Tuesday cited concerns that Russia could be cut off if the United States uses its new cybersecurity doctrine offensively.

Critics say the bill would create an internet firewall similar to China’s.



Frankfurt airport working on flying taxis

The operator of Frankfurt’s international airport says it is developing a concept for electric air taxi services.

Fraport AG is working with Volocopter GmbH, which makes two-seat, multi-rotor electric aircraft that can fly with a pilot or autonomously.

Actually operating such taxis to bring people to and from the airport will have to wait until the legal framework for autonomous flying is established and such aircraft can be certified for passenger use.

Volocopter says its aircraft, based on drone technology and flight tested in Dubai, are quiet, safe and local emissions-free. The idea ultimately would be to operate pilotless when the legal framework is in place.

The European Aviation Safety Agency says it is developing standards to enable certification of such aircraft.