Mon | Oct 26, 2020

Advertorial | Campus Elite Ja launches online platform for university students

Published:Tuesday | August 4, 2020 | 10:49 AM
Campus Elite Ja has been in operation since October 2018 and provides opportunities for university students.

Campus Elite Ja has launched an online platform called ‘Campus Elite Opportunity Network’ exclusively for Jamaican university students and is geared towards assisting students with employment and financial opportunities during the COVID-19 era. The website described as an ‘online resume’ was published on July 7 and many students have begun utilising it.

“It is a new digital platform built exclusively for university students in Jamaica to access worthwhile opportunities provided by corporate Jamaica, allowing them to earn money, gain experience, and of course win prizes. This will allow for brands and companies to reach, interact and convert by offering worthwhile opportunities,” said Sandre Malcolm, managing director of Campus Elite Ja.

“It is currently available and has been in works since February, but work was accelerated due to COVID and the need to connect the students to opportunities.”

Malcolm says the reception from students has been surprising.

“We don’t release the numbers but since the launch, thousands of students have signed up,” he related.

Campus Elite Ja has been in operation since October 2018 and started off by participating in freshman parties, providing temporary employment for college students, and offering grants to students in need.

“Our fully digital, highly immersive platform aims to bring these opportunities right to the fingertips of the students across the island. Within the opportunity network, your profile is your résumé so all you have to do is apply. It is, and will always be, free for university students,” Malcolm added.

“It’s difficult to reach target segments within this demographic and even more so now that universities across the island are increasingly turning to online teaching modes for the foreseeable future. The opportunity network platform will fill this gap as it seeks to bring together the captive audience of the university population onto one digital gateway.”

Currently, there is also a promotional campaign donned ‘Get Cashy After Covid’ where university students have an opportunity to win up to $30,000 to assist with school finances as a result of economic drawbacks due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It started on Wednesday, July 15 and during this promotion, we along with our partners will offer grant opportunities for university students from every major university in Jamaica. Students will win prizes and share in these cash grants all through the month of July to August 15.”

For further information, Campus Elite can be contacted via email at , on Instagram at, Twitter at campuselitejm and on LinkedIn in at Campus Elite Jamaica.