Tue | Jul 17, 2018

Bahamian students to provide proof of citizenship before being admitted to schools

Published:Thursday | March 5, 2015 | 7:54 AM

The Bahamian government says students registering for the new academic year will be required to show that they have a permit authorising them to reside legally in the country.

In addition, the students will have to show they are in possession of a Bahamian passport and a birth certificate indicating that one of their parents is a Bahamian citizen.

The announcement comes amidst new immigration policies outlined by the Perry Christie government that have been labelled as inhumane human rights groups.

The Grand Bahama Human Rights Association has been very vocal against the new immigration policy that requires non-nationals to show evidence that they have permission to live or work in the country.

It says it intends to legally challenge the new legislation.

But the government has sought to dismiss the allegations made against the new policy that came into effect last November, saying the reputation of The Bahamas was being tarnished.