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The land grab

Published:Monday | August 11, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Jermaine Dunbar (left) and Nicholas McFarlane are among those trying to make a living from farming in Portland. - File
A Sweet Potato farm in Manchester.
Steve Lyston
Mervin Thompson, of the Thetford Small Farmers Cooperative in St Catherine, examines one of several pumpkins, which he reaped from his farm.

By Steve Lyston

What makes a nation or an organisation strong, is the combination of faith in God, a strong vision, land, assets and the equity within those assets. Cash values nothing! Nowadays it costs you more to put your money in the bank. However, when one owns land and assets, it gives you power! Having land also brings a state of respect within your community (especially the business community). You have the capacity to develop the land you own. You can make a living for your family and earning potential always increases. You can dig wells, engage in farming, mining and develop the property.

When you have land, you are more highly regarded, particularly by government and its institutions. In the Bible, the transferring of land was seen as a blessing and an inheritance.

Land is very important and significant physically and spiritually. Landowners would erect memorials to their gods (or in the case of the Israelites to Almighty God) on their land.

The fight that is taking place in Jamaica and other Caribbean nations is more about buggery than about land! It's a land grab! The Church must keep focused on where the real war is and not get distracted. The Church has prime land and they want these lands.

In Genesis 47: 16-18 (I implore you to read it) during the time of drought and famine the money failed and many were giving over their assets in exchange for food. When that was depleted, they gave over their land and themselves as slaves in exchange for food!

When the nation's leaders are going to give away your land and then tell you that it will provide more jobs for people, what they are in fact doing is giving you over to another form of slavery! Which economic theory gives such an action as a solution for the economy of a nation?

If the Government becomes unable to pay back the loans they have taken on behalf of the nation in relation to these lands they have given away or exchanged, which economic theory gives that as a solution for the nation's economy?

Wealth Transfer

The very thing the nation should be using to come out of debt, is the very thing the government of the nation is giving away and keep the nation in debt!

If food prices are now multiplying faster than two computers can add, then very shortly we will reach the point where people will do anything for food!

We are told that people will get more jobs, but when they get the jobs and they don't own land, what will become of our people? Are we selling our children into slavery?

When the land is owned by foreigners, then they will become the new management over our agricultural industry. It will then give them the easy access to the hidden resources in our land, and since they will have no real loyalty to ensure the proper development of our nation, they can extract our valuable resources and move on. So very shortly, our local farmers and the agricultural industry are going to be in jeopardy.

Crime is not a problem for the foreigners interested in our valuable land and resources. The sliding dollar value is in their favour! When the crime increases, the value of the properties (real estate) falls. People will want to move out and go into better areas. The foreigners know how to fix it up and turn these into gated communities. They also know how to turn those properties into farmland and secure them with electronic fences, dogs and rangers with shotguns to deal with trespassers. So the only thing the people of the nation will be offered is employment on land they used to own.

Look at the cost of food and water right now. If even ants store in time for hard times and times of drought, where are our stored items and storage facilities, so that we can take care of our needs and of our poor in times of drought? If that was done, then the cost of food afforded to our people would be significantly lower. Any nation or person carrying a debt for more than seven years is a slave to that thing. Not even a 30-year or 15-year mortgage is biblical and should not be entertained.

My people! Fight for your land! Hold on to your land! Don't take out any second mortgage on your land and property! There is a land grab, and if you sell out you will lose!

Steve Lyston is a biblical economics consultant and author of several books, including 'End Time Finance' and 'The New Millionaire'.