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Count on Cuba for Ebola help

Published:Monday | October 20, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Garteh Korkoryah, mother of Thomas Eric Duncan, has her tears wiped by her great-grandson, Josephus Weeks III, at a memorial service for her son in Salisbury, North Carolina, last Saturday. Duncan died of Ebola in Dallas on October 8. AP

THE EDITOR, Sir: Prime
Minister Portia Simpson Miller coyly tried to avoid mentioning the
source of help that Jamaica will be getting from Cuba. The Cubans have
always been at the forefront of assistance for poor black people, and
especially Africans. They have made the ultimate sacrifice for Africans.
Nelson Mandela, after serving 27 years in prison, remembered Cuban help
and went there first on his visit to the Caribbean.

Now, Cuba, in
spite of a pernicious United States embargo and paltry resources,
managed to put together a First-World health-care system. The Cubans are
on the ground in West Africa assisting in the fight against the deadly
Ebola virus. We are fortunate that we can count on Cuban expertise and
preparedness if the virus hits our shores.

The United States
health-care system panicked when Thomas Duncan was discovered with the
disease. That shouldn't influence our response. We cannot roll over and
die because the mighty Americans' health-care system experienced

With Cuban help, we can ensure that we have proper
personal-protective equipment, are trained in how to approach possible
infections and that our reactive capabilities are well coordinated.

is a common foe that doesn't fear nationalities, politics, skin colour,
religion or any of the vagaries that usually divide mankind. Let us
face it together, regardless of political affiliation or prejudices.
Ebola has no friends, only enemies.


Siloah PO, St Elizabeth