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Why highlight only negatives?

Published:Tuesday | December 30, 2014 | 12:00 AM


On my recent visit to Barbados, I spent some time browsing their local newspapers. I was eager to learn more about a country that has maintained an ostensibly low crime rate and a buoyant economy.

However, once I saw the word Jamaica, I became excited, and eventually, distracted. Unfortunately, the thrill was short-lived as all the stories published about my homeland were either crime- or drug-related.

Admittedly, Jamaica has continually been beleaguered by crime and violence. Nevertheless, we have registered positive happenings that are equally newsworthy. Why then has our Caribbean neighbour chosen to highlight only the unsavoury occurrences? Is this an act of sabotage? What has happened to the concept of regionalism?

Of course, I do not expect our regional media to portray Jamaica as the land of utopia. My sole prayer is for a balance in the narratives. Temper the bad with the good.

Jamaican matters transcend drugs and guns. Highlight some of our high-achievers and our strides in development in lieu of constantly impaling our image.

Shawna Kay Williams