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Is the JLP cursed?

Published:Monday | March 9, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Opposition Leader Andrew Holness (centre) with supporters.

Every nation needs an Opposition in the political arena - a strong alternative - to speak for the voiceless and to maintain democracy.

I have written several articles about the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP), and there have been prophecies in the past concerning them. The problem in the JLP is similar to the problem that exists in Jamaica. Furthermore, there is a similar spiritual problem that exists at Jamaica House, where, regardless of the political affiliation of the Prime Minister that goes there, the same results occur - no major changes, and nothing gets done.

Unless the matter is addressed spiritually, there will be no change to that occurrence. All that will take place there is shock, awe and exposure!

Anything that keeps recurring is called a cycle. Any negative cycle that keeps recurring is called a curse. Curses are real, and the Scriptures reveal that. (I Chronicles 4). Curses come about as a result of sin and disobedience. It cannot be addressed on a physical level. God is the One Who can break curses! That is why it is important to seek Him and ask Him to do so.

The JLP needs to wake up and realise that God is real and that they need to do things God's way. The People's National Party (PNP) had an opportunity to do just that and they did not. The gate is still open!

Hypothetically speaking, what if the JLP should win the next election and form the government of the nation? Who says that they will last for even one term. Do you realise that those who currently support Andrew Holness, for example, have the potential to turn against him in the worst way and become his worst nightmare? Because the curse remains unbroken!

Without a doubt, there is a generational shift towards the youth, and with the crime, unemployment and hopelessness that exist - in addition to the increasing immorality and family breakdown - without seeking God, what new strategies and plans will the JLP bring to the table?

Are we going to be 'enjoying' the continued and pointless debates/discussions about macro and micro economics, looking to China or Japan, or will they look to God for wisdom, tactics and strategies to birth a new vision for the nation? Because failure to satisfy the youth of the nation after the elections will become the biggest catastrophe the nation has ever seen.

There are many things that Andrew Holness will have to do to bring stability to the JLP. He had to refuse to walk the way of 'his fathers'. He has to learn from King David in the Bible in I Samuel 17:38-44. For David to deal with the Philistine giant, he had to take off the armour of the old regime that he was given to wear. The Philistines would represent the debt, corruption, negative mindsets, fear, and pride that cripple the nation.

David took a slingshot, five stones, his staff in hand. David used what is called biblical economics to defeat the enemy. He used the power of God, God's grace, God's favour, God's directives and was led by the Holy Spirit of God. His weapons were spiritual, because though the enemy was physically before him, his real enemy was spiritual.


blessing in disguise


What is happening now could be a blessing in disguise and a message to him of what potential problems he could face ahead, and that he must allow God to direct him and help him to avert future problems!

Andrew Holness has to go down on his knees and ask God to show him where the cracks are in the foundation and call a serious meeting for reconciliation with God for the entire party. He also has to learn that anybody who is an enemy to a leader - whether past or present - is and will continue to be his enemy as well. Although David was pursued by Saul, he never embraced or accepted enemies of Saul into his administration, because he understood that principle.

So whomever was Edward Seaga's enemy, Bruce Golding's enemy, Portia Simpson-Miller's enemy, P. J. Patterson's enemy or Michael Manley's enemy is his enemy, too! If they betray one leader, they will betray another, and they have no true loyalty!

Andrew Holness has to learn that only God can bring change. Sometimes, you just have to pray and allow God to bring the change in His time, because if he tries to make the change, it will negatively affect him, the party and the nation. The majority of Jamaica is not yet ready for change - only God can change the mindset of the nation! So your good intentions will be misunderstood.

One positive thing about King David is that he always sought the Lord before he made any major decisions, and he had godly advisors around him, and he double-checked with them before he made a move! To this day, he is revered as a great king!

- Steve Lyston is a biblical economics consultant and author of several books, including 'End Time Finance' and 'The New Millionaire'.