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Transformed leaders bring transformation

Published:Monday | June 15, 2015 | 12:00 AM

Everyone is looking for change, but it will be difficult to have any change unless one is transformed. Everyone is promising transformation, to the point where they are dubbing themselves transformational leaders; but all they are doing is conforming. Conformity cannot bring transformation.

Contrary to popular world belief, change starts from the inside out, not the opposite. Transformational leader must depend on God to inspire them to develop and drive the vision.

Transformational leaders will motivate and encourage those they lead from the front, not by hiding behind their followers. They must teach people how to have faith and trust in God to allow them to fulfil their goals and objectives; and that regardless of the storms they will face, they will use it as a stepping stone for elevation. They need to put their trust in God first.

Transformational leaders fear God. They seek Him for guidance, spiritual prosperity, future posterity, and as a divine confidant. They also seek Him for covenant and for deliverance in times of trouble.

A person cannot truly be transformational if he is not himself transformed. Transformation can only come through salvation by Jesus Christ. A person's mind has to be renewed (Romans 12: 2), and only the Holy Spirit can bring renewal and change.

God transforms while the world conforms. One brings change and the other brings adaptation. We are seeing a number of leaders declaring themselves transformational leaders, life coaches and motivational leaders when they don't even believe in Jesus Christ. There are others who state that they are believers in Jesus Christ, but their lifestyles and actions declare differently.

To get spiritual change, we must obey the Holy Spirit on a daily basis (Deuteronomy 28: 1-14). We also have to allow Him to lead and direct and to be free to do whatever He choose to do for our collective and individual success. Recognise that transformational leadership also includes a desire to read God's word and apply it daily. It includes fasting and prayer, worship, tithing and submission to God.




When a person is transformed by God, his/her desires change; choices change; attitudes and actions change. We see things the way God sees them and we view things the way God views them.

Many times you will hear people come and state that they are new and different. They will say that they are the best persons for the job and that they are transformational leaders, but all they are doing is getting an image consultant, putting on new make-up, getting new hairstyles or haircuts, going to the gym, engaging in yoga, or smoking 'weed', adding a new PR person to the entourage and create a new external image. But none of this will help, and all they are doing is recycling the old ideas because their thoughts, motives and ways remain the same. Our political system and personnel are prime examples.

For transformation to take place, there has to be a new heart (spiritually speaking) and the right spirit, which only can be done by the Holy Spirit. New appearance and new image come from the inside out; anything else is deception.

In the same way, there is a great deal of talk concerning murders, rapists and what is happening with our children. Some are calling for therapy or psychological help, meanwhile others want laws passed. But while these may have a certain value in the process, the key in the whole matter is internal transformation because the heart is where the motives are formed; and if we are not willing to experience that change, then all we are doing is wasting time and beating our gums to no avail.

If any change is going to come to a nation, then there needs to be real transformational leadership - both to the person and to the people of the nation. When a person is transformed, they become a new creature; all the old things and old ways and attitudes are gone and the past is no more - no longer embraced. It is replaced with a newness of heart and mind.

So, for example, a person who is a prostitute and has been transformed has become virgin-like again in the eyes of God. This concept is not easily grasped by many because human beings on their own are not naturally forgiving, but God is. It is interesting how hypocritical some can be, crying out against the evils of the society when they themselves are doing much worse behind the scenes.

- Steve Lyston is a biblical economics consultant and author of several books, including 'End Time Finance' and 'The New Millionaire'.