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Men, stop allowing reproductive organs to lead you astray

Published:Monday | June 22, 2015 | 12:00 AM
In this file photo, Ramon Davis feeds his daughter, Naomi, during a Father’s Day church service at Transformed Life Church at the Police Officers’ Club.
Steve Lyston
Former mobster Michael Franzese addresses a crowd for Father’s Day at The Life Christian Church yesterday in West Orange, New Jersey. Franzese, now a motivational speaker, talked about his relationship with his father, who was also involved with organised crime.

As we celebrated fathers over this past weekend, and with the various debates globally on politics, in addition to the recent massacre at the North Carolina Church, many questions are coming to the fore, particularly concerning the youth worldwide.

Without a doubt, everything points back to the men - their decisions and their low performance in doing what they were created to do.

When other body parts begin to influence our decision making and ultimately lead us, then we will have more problems globally than we would care to imagine.

The head is the most important part of the human body; the eyes to see, the ears to hear and the brain to think and process.

Most families have no head; and when the head is missing, everything becomes lifeless and dead. The head represents leadership, authority and structure in much the same way as the Godhead. (Ephesians 5: 22-23) God created a structure - God the Father, Christ our head and then males then female.

A man who refuses to submit to Christ has no authority. Many men have been allowing themselves to be seduced by the different body parts which ultimately pervert the course of justice, destroy the poor and affect humanity in many negative ways.

It is imperative for us to understand that when the head gets attacked, all the other organs get attacked. The head has the authority to command every other organ to line up in the body. When the head neglects its God-given function, we have serious problems. The head must cease to allow the heart to lead them in their decision making. At times, the heart can be a source of evil. All evil begins in the heart! (Matthew 15: 16-20)


Use your brain


If God wanted the heart to lead, He would have put the brain in the heart. The head has the capacity to say no. Men as the head, our very speech must be pure. We have the capacity to bless and to curse - speak things into being.

Men, you cannot allow the pleasures of this world to cause you to abandon your God-given authority. You cannot abandon your family for the lust of this world. The head is the covering of the household, and when there is no covering, then the family is left open to the elements that attack.

The family is being ravaged - many children are not being accepted by their fathers. Many men are allowing sexuality, sensuality and physical attractions to influence their decisions.

Men must stop allowing their feet to lead them! Men must stop allowing their external, sexual reproductive organs to lead them astray and make decisions that will haunt another generation. God made men with 'balls', so they need to have some and live up to their responsibilities and to what is expected of them.

When God is going to bless an individual or a nation, He pours oil on the head first, which ultimately flows down to the rest of the body.

Do you realise that a great deal of our daily battles take place in our minds - battles to stay pure, battles to think right and make the right decisions. The enemy always wants to attack the head. Every other organ on or in the body takes instructions from the head. When that doesn't happen, then everything is out of whack. Most of the problems we are going through with the economy and the levels of lawlessness, crime, violence, injustice, and so on is as a result of the fact that the head is no longer making the decisions, using their brains or discerning. As a result of that, a lot of hatred from women and children is the harvest many men reap. Even within the marketplace or political arena, people are now calling for other 'body parts' to lead.

Men, you have the authority to bring change. You are to be the prophet, priest and king of your household. You are to be the provider, protector of your household, which is the first line of government. You cannot continue to abandon your children, neglect and/or abuse your wives, use women or walk away from your responsibilities, for because of those actions, there is a curse you have created, that is affecting over 10 generations; creating hopelessness within the society. If any change is going to take place within the society, it must start from the head first.

- Steve Lyston is a biblical economics consultant and author of several books, including 'End Time Finance' and 'The New Millionaire'.