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Editorial: Crump, testosterone and decency

Published:Wednesday | September 16, 2015 | 12:00 AM

We have concluded that Gloria Henry has more testosterone than Davon Crump - figuratively, that is.

Ms Henry, the president of the Montego Bay Chamber Commerce and Industry, made stupid, xenophobic remarks about Chinese business people in her city and threatened to promote a boycott of them because of their supposed failure to give back to the community. Alerted to her folly, she has since apologised and sought to mend fences.

Mr Crump had followed Ms Henry in her silliness, and was even more explicit in his call for a boycott of the Chinese. Publicly, at least, he has maintained a vulgar silence: no apology, no retreat. For him, it appears foolishness is bliss.

But maybe Mr Crump believes he was right, in which event he should have the courage to say so, just as Ms Henry was decent and courageous enough to apologise.