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Vision and the dark and muddy places

Published:Monday | December 14, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Blessings come from helping those in need.
Steve Lyston

Many people want to be part of a finished work but often shy away from the building process. Very few want to be a part of something that is being established. They prefer to be a part of something that is already established and is, in their eyes, flourishing.

Let us recognise that to be a part of a vision or work that is under construction, gives us the opportunity to:

1. Bring out and exercise our gifts and talents to the fullest.

2. Allows us the privilege of being able to see and benefit from the groundwork, appreciate the work and vision, and experience the benefits, joys and satisfaction of the finished product when construction is complete.

Interestingly, during the building of a vision, we often ask the help of others with the expertise to help with the building process and to volunteer their time, gifts and talents; but because they don't see the vision, and even think that it is heading nowhere, they walk away and towards what they feel is a better 'investment' when God was trying to build them a future too.




They could have been the next CEO or chairperson within the vision, and their participation could also have secured a future for their children. There are those who are highly qualified, but feel that the small thing they see would be a waste of their time and ability, so they walk away or show very little interest. If those who are not working in these times would find a small struggling organisation and offer their time and expertise to the building of that organisation, they may be surprised to see the future they were building, and they may even contribute to their own employment or entrepreneurship in the future. Forsake not small beginnings. Every large organisation started small.

In small organisations, many may see disorder, but disorder is an opportunity for a person to exercise their skill and expertise and bring the order needed. Maybe what is missing from the organisation is you!

From time to time people talk about Warren Buffett, Donald Trump, Bill Gates, as well as many local 'movers and shakers'; and they would want to be affiliated with these persons. Truth be told, they have endured great struggles, rejection, and many attempts. A great deal of their wealth comes out of investing in what others deem insignificant.

Every great businessman looks for those who have been tested and proven to be loyal and will stand in times of hardship rather than those who will connect only to share in the glory.







Oftentimes people look for their blessings in a place they feel is successful; and they look to people they believe are within or above their class. But the Bible lets us know that often our blessings are found in the dark and muddy places.

The dark places refer to those areas that we feel are insignificant, and the muddy places are those places or persons we scorn or look down on or in which we see very little value. The inner city, the children's homes, retirees and the homeless are a few examples. Also included in this group are the broke, bankrupt, jobless, prostitutes and prisoners.

By the way, God does not increase or multiply anything unless it is broken. (Matthew 6: 41-44) Joseph was a prisoner, Esther was an orphan, Ruth was a widow, Daniel was a slave and all these individuals became great deliverers.

The reason most nations are struggling is that they have a one-track mind; they are looking for change while doing the same thing over and over. Even our politicians employ the same methods and types of people every time.

Even within the Church, persons choose where they go to church based on who they want to 'rub shoulders' with, the beauty of the stained glass windows or how big and established they feel a particular church may be. Very few go where the Lord is sending them - where God wants to use them to build and prosper - so they die spiritually and miss out on the opportunity to fully become all they can be.

Recognise that it is not about what we choose, but what God has chosen for us, which is always better than anything we could choose.

In Genesis 22, there were many mountains in the area that Abraham could have chosen to climb, but God told him a specific mountain to go up and offer sacrifice (worship). It was on that specific mountain that the ram was caught in the bush so that Abraham could use it as his sacrifice to God. God made the provision!

- Steve Lyston is a biblical economics consultant and author of several books, including 'End Time Finance' and 'The New Millionaire'.