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Perverting truth on buggery

Published:Sunday | December 20, 2015 | 12:00 AMDerrick Gillespie

I write in response to Maurice Tomlinson's letter of December 18, 2015, titled '40% [Jamaican] heterosexuals have anal sex', which coincides with his in-court attack launched against the buggery laws of Jamaica.

Tomlinson's letter is a perverted mix of half-truths and downright lies, and demonstrates his lack of insight. For instance, to appeal to the fact that some animal species do exhibit abnormal homosexual tendencies is a non-sequitur argument. Inbreeding has been identified in very many species of animals, but does that make it OK for humans to practise consensual adult incest as a normal way of life today?

In addition, many animal species have been identified to practise cannibalism among themselves, but does that mean its OK for humans to practise cannibalism? Clearly Tomlinson wants to operate like animals do, and that explains his mentality - anything goes!

And while HIV may be high in Jamaica among heterosexuals (as just a matter of mere coincidence in Jamaica; seeing that is NOT the general trend everywhere), that proves nothing for your case! At least the heterosexuals are engaged in normal or natural sexual intercourse, or coitus (some of whom are even married persons), and it underscores the NEED for the message of always engaging in safe sex (using a condom) and being sexually faithful to your partner.

Now, to illustrate your ridiculous appeal to dubious stats (i.e., 40 per cent heterosexuals practise anal sex among themselves, if it be proven that the majority of Jamaicans are illegally engaged in some form of theft - whether stealing electricity, or copyright breach as it concerns copying CDs and DVDs, would that make theft OK, desirable or defendable just based on stats? What say you?




And by the way, did you realise that, condom or not, a high percentage of gay men suffer from anal cancers worldwide because of the unnatural friction involved, resulting from engaging an orifice only designed to emit faeces (in contradistinction to the vagina perfectly designed with natural lubricants as a receptor for the penis)?

When have you heard of vaginal cancers due to penistic friction? So the issue is not just about HIV, if you never knew! It's about potential anal cancers, and decidedly interacting with a wide range of dangerous disease-causing bacteria and viruses, apart from all the normal sexually transmitted infections that are connected with buggery.

Which responsible government should invite these potential dangers for its people by abolishing its buggery laws?

Clearly, Maurice, making use of statistics in a foul manner is the name of the game for you. You are willing to say or do anything just in order to have your wish come true - that of legalising in Jamaica the practice of engaging anal orifices with their inescapable concentration of solid waste and bacteria involved.

Dude, you are one perverted individual who needs God! I am praying for you. And I mean that!!

• Derrick Gillespie is a teacher based in western Jamaica. Email feedback to