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Hugh Innis: Show you care by sharing

Published:Monday | December 21, 2015 | 12:00 AMHugh Innis

In a few days, Christmas will be here. It is one of those holiday periods that cause us to feel like caring human beings and inspires us to show that we care by giving of our love, our time and our material gifts with others, especially family and friends.

I suggesting that, in addition to the persons that we traditionally give gifts to, we consider including in that list the following: a boys' home, a girls' home and a senior citizens' home.

I know the joy of giving and receiving will be immeasurable and fulfilling. When was the last time that you hugged a family member at the start of your day or at the end of your day? When was the last time that you hugged a co-worker at the start of your shift or the end of your shift?

A smile means the same in all languages. Sometimes, a person just needs a listening ear to help someone resolve a problem. God bless the innovations of our various talk shows in Jamaica.

A lot of persons are hurting physically, financially and economically within our society. The public opportunities to be able to speak one's opinions reduces the number of patients in our hospitals and homeless inhabitants in our townships.

The smile on your face is the light in the window that tells people that you are home.

I think it would be a wonderful and magnanimous gesture that in 2016, we plan at the end of each month to demonstrate that we care by sharing our love, our time, and our money with one of the aforementioned groups.

When was the last time that you visited or called one of those shut-in members within your church group? Do you really understand that a lot of lonely people are within your church groups? Do you really know that a lot of persons within our parish are hungry? Do you really know that a lot of our families/friends outside of Jamaica would just like to hear our voices? A text-message greeting will be appreciated.

Sometimes, we believe that money is always the answer to all our problems, but just a voice calling a name might rejuvenate the listener's interest. Just a note of advice in a new business venture, or just trying to fit into a new academic course or just trying to fit into a new geographical location will smooth the potentially rough path.


Go often to the house of your friend or weeds will choke the unused paths. Everybody needs somebody - all the time. Loneliness and poverty are frightening conditions.

In our quest to find solutions to our various problems, we tend to choose the wrong methods. Some of us believe that the world owes us our livelihood and, therefore, we resort to various methods of solving our problems by using a gun/machete /acid.

The victims can be family/friends/strangers. Our objective is only concentrated on our own goal of perceived shortsightedness/happiness.

Our hurricane season has just ended. How many of us said a special prayer of 'thank You' to our God? Notwithstanding that, so far in 2015, we have committed so many murders, so many acts of violence against our children/families and homeless Jamaicans.

It is not too late to repair our past wrongs. Let us begin to show that we care by sharing now.

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