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Self-examination, not self-absorption for 2016

Published:Monday | December 28, 2015 | 12:00 AM

As we come to the end of the year 2015, for some it was one of the most difficult, most challenging years. For others, it was a really good year, for many long-standing issues were resolved. Many, because of lack of funds and opportunity, in addition to poor economic policies, suffered.

Based on the economic policies made, I wonder if those making the policies were bearing any burden at all. There are many hard workers out there who are unable to provide a night's dinner or pay their rent; some are unable to pay their child or children's school fees. Many are just living from pay cheque to pay cheque, while trying to decide whether to eat or pay bills.

Many, from time to time, will give their speeches and comments, telling the

public not to worry about the devaluing dollar; but the poor don't have the access to government bailouts and waivers like they do.


Greater pain


Why would a nation pursue an economic policy that brings greater pain and poverty than before, while creating a better environment for the elite?

We evaluate an economy by seeing what is happening on the ground, especially what is happening with the less fortunate, and with the middle class when they have practically become beggars; meanwhile, fewer and fewer people are able to send their children to school. How many children have dropped out of school since the devaluation of the dollar? How many of our brilliant students, who have got the opportunity to study abroad so that they may come back to help build the nation, have dropped out of university overseas or are on the verge of doing so?

An economy cannot be built by focusing on the top while the rest of the body is being neglected. Clearly the top the head is not moving forward. If that is so, then how can the rest of the body move? Let's think about this if you took a loan and had to repay it, and the parents are eating but their children are hungry and there is nothing in the house to eat or drink, what do you do? How do we justify that? The children are making all the sacrifices, but the parents are making none; and it was, in fact, the parents and foreparents who put everyone in that situation. So, those in charge are attempting to balance and manage the economy without creating jobs and opportunities for the people.


Full bellies


Would you invite people home for dinner while your children are starving? You are giving all the opportunities, access, profits and benefits to others outside the house; and while they leave with full bellies and 'brawta' bags to feed their own families, those within the house are left hungry and empty-handed.

Our leaders have no problem borrowing loans, that's how they make their money. However, it is our very unborn that will have to repay and, by then, they will be long gone. They have no interest in developing those within.

The time has come for every man poor and rich to engage in self-examination. The question each should ask is: Do I continue to support those who don't support me or have my best interest at heart, regardless of political affiliations?'

Leaders now need to ask themselves: Why do I seek power? If they are trying to create a legacy, how do they want to be remembered?

The family is the first line of government within a nation. When the family's interests have been put on the back burner, the nation cannot go forward for without the family there is no nation.

What are the most important things on which the nation must focus? Health, education, agriculture and the justice system are not for one class. A clear vision is needed. The zeal and energy with which each political party puts out to gain and maintain power, they should expend that and more to develop the people of the nation.

When crime spikes, we cannot pass the blame or ignore the truth when we refuse to deal with the root of the problem.

Very shortly, based on the path we are now on, if there is no self-examination and change, the average man will not be able to represent their community and only the rich will be able to engage in the political process. This is why I say that the next election will be about the rich getting richer instead of advancing the nation's best interest.

May there be a genuine change from the heart for what is ahead in 2016.

Have a prosperous new year!.

- Steve Lyston is a biblical economics consultant and author of several books, including 'End Time Finance' and 'The New Millionaire'.