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Change political ideology

Published:Monday | February 15, 2016 | 12:00 AM
A section of the large crowd which gathered in Half-Way Tree, St Andrew to hear PNP president, Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller, announce February 25 as the date for the next general election.
A Jamaica Labour Party meeting in Western St Mary.

Everyone wants change within a nation. However, before change can come, the political ideology that currently exists must change.

The natural man, particularly the poor, don't know the system of government for which they are voting. Promises are made during every election season; however, the party's representatives don't state their beliefs or ethical stance, so the people vote blindly. But, simply put, because the people don't know the substance of whom they vote for, then the people will continue to vote blindly and make wrong choices.

There are many views on how a nation should be led politically, including democracy, liberalism, socialism, communism and theocracy. Each view deals with the kind of government people believe should exist within the nation, the type of economy pursued, as well as the moral and ethical blueprint for the nation.

Communism and socialism are fast becoming obsolete. Now there is a battle between conservative liberalism and theocracy.

We have seen a push for liberal views to dominate the globe. Even communists and socialists have now disguised themselves under liberal views. However, let us look into it, for the sake of the normal man such as myself.

Liberalism emphasises the government as the problem-solver and equality for all. Liberals believe in abortion, that a foetus is not human life - funding abortion with taxpayers' money - and that everything must be liberalised. They also believe that everyone is equal.

Conservatives speak about personal responsibility, limiting government, a free market, individual liberty, and that the role of government is to provide the people with the freedom necessary to do what they need to in order to solve problems.

Theocracy states that men and women are not equal in leadership of the family, and that the man is the head of the household.

Everyone is not equal, not even Jesus' disciples were equal. The biblical view does not embrace handouts. It instead states that each must labour to eat. It also tells us to empower the poor. So while we feed them as Jesus did, we also must teach them to fish - to labour. The theocratic view also emphasises abstinence from sex before marriage, sex education and responsible parenting.

If the government is going to give rights for everything, it's going to be chaos. Interestingly, conservativism, like theocracy, states that human life begins at conception, and that abortion is murder. Both support the death penalty as long as there is a fair justice system.

The theocratic view believes in nurturing the gifts and talents of the individual and the development of human resources.




Every ideology, regardless of the political connection, must necessarily embrace the Bible as the blueprint for individuals and nations. The problem is that governments have diverted from that focus. They have created and developed ideologies that hold strong, demonic views and oftentimes their personal views, which are now falling apart and are creating more problems.

Every ideology must have a foundation on which they base their views. Theocracy uses the Bible as the guideline. If a view or idea does not have a solid base, then it will lead to bondage, enslavement, and economic failure. This is the year that every ideology and view will be tested to see what stands.

The liberal view states that God has no place in government, but God is the one who established civil government (Romans 13 and 14). All authorities are accountable to Him. He rules in the affairs of men. The earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof.

Theocracy states that there is a level playing field in the marketplace, and promotes protection of the poor from the rich; and also that people should not get wealth by dishonest gain.

No ideology must contradict the Bible, and any ideology that does is dangerous.

The Bible also promotes affordable energy - oil, gas, coal, and solar. It does not support monopoly.

It supports free health care, amnesty and transfer of the wealth of the wicked to the just.

The Bible further supports accountability for everyone's stewardship and that the family first is responsible for educating their children.

The Bible also states that every man has a right to protect himself and his family.

Regardless of the political party to which a person is affiliated, the true ideologies of the political party need to be checked; and if those ideologies are not aligned with the Bible, then failure is imminent.

For good government, there must be good laws. God's laws are always perfect. He is an expert in government. Laws must be made by God's guidelines (Psalm 19:7).

Additionally, let us recognise that the government of God supports the payment of tax by every category of society. Likewise, the government of God requires persons at all levels, including the government of the land, to tithe and give to the house of God.

- Steve Lyston is a biblical economics consultant and author of several books, including 'End Time Finance' and 'The New Millionaire'.