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Make Jamaica great again

Published:Monday | February 22, 2016 | 12:00 AM
PNP supporter Tamara Salmon (right) accepting a Manifesto from Opposition Leader Andrew Holness on a road tour of downtown Kingston on Thursday February 18.
PNP president, Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller (centre), flanked by senior members of the party in Half-Way Tree, St Andrew, last Sunday.

While trying to find a title for this article to depict the time and season, particularly in light of the elections, there are many titles the Lord brought to me that fit the season prophetically, including these: 'Look To The Future!' 'Take It By Force!' 'Fresh Wind!' 'New Birth' and the 'Wind of Change!'However, as I pondered, Donald Trump came to mind, with his phrase 'Make America Great Again'; and that is, in fact, what needs to happen for and in Jamaica.

In my recent travels, all was going well and just about 10 minutes before landing, the pilot immediately changed direction and started to circle. However, it was what he said at that time that resonated within me. He said, "The wind has changed, so I will have to get authorization in order to prepare for landing in a different direction so that everyone will be safe."

The wind can change instantly, and when it changes your tactics and strategies must change. While there are different kinds of wind - north wind, south wind, east wind, west winds - there are also contrary winds. So keen discerning of the times and seasons needs to take place.

Do you realise how unusual the weather pattern has been since the start of this year? January seemed like October, and winter in some places have taken on the characteristics of summer. So expect that scientists, investors, pundits and prognosticators will be baffled this year.


The Pending Elections


While many seem confused about the confusion now taking place politically, I realise that people are not discerning. It is not about the party colour, it's about the direction of a nation, and the motives behind the whole thing.

There are three persons in the local political race - Andrew Holness, Portia Simpson Miller, and an unseen person. The unseen will only play out after the elections. What needs to be realised is that Andrew Holness' enemies are Portia Simpson Miller's enemies. This is why any Christian who is discerning should never get involved in the character assassination of any leader at any level.

The real enemy will divide and conquer when they want to bring a nation down. The Church is divided. The private sector is divided. The people of the nation are divided, and the media is confused.

- Any leader who will do the following will make Jamaica great again.

- A leader who will lead the people into the future and choose not to focus on what seems impossible.

- A leader who will choose to have faith in God and look beyond the difficulties.

- A leader who is willing to do the unpopular things by resisting popular opinion, one who will call the people to positive faith.

- A leader who will lead the way into the future by confronting negative reports and help to raise up a new generation.

- A Leader who will trust in God, rather than international lenders, big investors or foreigners.

- A leader who is willing to walk away from the old paths of our ancestors to embrace God's new direction for the nation.

- A leader who ensures that family is the number one election manifesto.

God does not judge a leader on their list of accomplishments/achievements. He judges them based on whether or not they do things His way. A person can get results, but does God get His glory?

The focus should never be on a leader to bring change but, instead, on God to bring change (Judges 9: 8 - 23).

It is not about establishing a personal legacy or monarchy. Remember, "The earth is the Lord' and the fullness thereof ..." (Psalm 24: 1- 2). All wealth, food, everything was created by God and made available to His creation for sustenance. While each person is the Lord's creation, He will only allow some to enter His presence. Don't fight over what does not belong to you all. Jamaica belongs to God and He gives it to whomever He pleases.

One should vote based on issues, not gender, class, nor charisma; and when the people of the nation begin to vote based on family or party loyalty, or even begin to sell their votes, we are going down a dangerous path.

The nation has been changing drivers, so to speak, over the years, assuming that the problem is the engine; but no one has stopped to check the real cause of the problem on this vehicle. The problem may not be the engine, it may be the wheel/tire. Without good tires, a vehicle can't move or go very far. It's time to check our tires.

Our nation has all the resources needed to be great. Why can't we be?

- Steve Lyston is a biblical economics consultant and author of several books, including 'End Time Finance' and 'The New Millionaire'.