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Shift the focus for progress and prosperity

Published:Monday | February 29, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Jamaica Labour Party leader Andrew Holness and other Labourites celebrate at the party’s headquarters last Thursday after it was announced that his party had won the general election.

To bring change to a nation and to institute the right government can only be achieved through divine intervention.

After the election, there is always pain, disappointment and the continuation of the blame-game cycle. Friends and loyalists will now line up for their reward, and again, the youth are poised for neglect.

The Church has been given the opportunity to shine and institute God's principles within the nation to help rescue our youth and make significant and positive changes. However, selfishness has reared its head among the churches once again. There are many who are involved in politics, but have they made any impact or positive changes? Liberal views have been chipping away at our values and morals, and the churches remain silent.

From 2007, the Lord has been outlining that there will be a series of one-term administrations until His purpose is accomplished. Politicians have continually disobeyed the Lord and have been taking advice from wrong sources, which have caused great suffering on the youth and seniors in the nation. The spiritual foundation of the nation has been broken, and only through divine intervention can healing take place.




While many in the nation are now celebrating the victory of Andrew Holness and the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP), I congratulate them on their victory; however, let us be reminded of some of the words from an article in The Gleaner, dated March 9, 2015, which stated:

"... Hypothetically speaking, what if the JLP should win the next election and form the government of the nation? Who says that they will last for even one term? Do you realise that those who currently support Andrew Holness, for example, have the potential to turn against him in the worst way and become his worst nightmare? Because the curse remains unbroken!

Without a doubt, there is a generational shift towards the youth, and with the crime, unemployment and hopelessness that exist - in addition to the increasing immorality and family breakdown - without seeking God, what new strategies and plans will the JLP bring to the table?"

The ball is now in the court of the JLP to obey God, so that the cycle does not continue.

Also, let us look at another article in The Gleaner, dated November 12, 2012, which stated:

"... A number of political leaders worldwide have promised to fix the economy. But unless there is a repairing of breaches, a return to Godly principles and re-establishing of their faith in Him, we are going to see a number of single-term administrations ..."

In an article entitled in The Gleaner dated January 16, 2012, the Lord was saying, through that article, that the Cabinet should be small and tight, that there should be term limits and that there should be a greater and more active focus on reducing poverty.

I would even encourage each one to read the article dated November 18, 2013 titled 'Righteousness exalts a nation - spiritual evaluation on why the government is failing'





• That you seek God concerning the ministries of finance, health, youth and security. Those persons must be divinely chosen by God. These are critical areas. These persons must be married.

- There needs to be a mentorship and apprenticeship programme for the youth.

- Tax amnesty and more help for small businesses.

- Doctors and nurses who work in the rural areas must receive higher pay.

• Fix the justice system so that first offenders will carry out community service.

• Provide tax cuts and benefits for retirees who help within the prison system in the rehabilitation of prisoners.

- Recruit more men within the school system.

• Freeze all divestment and engage civil society and diaspora personnel to come up with a plan to develop locally.

• Help NGOs, churches and other charitable organisations to bring in what is necessary to develop various communities.

• Establish a management-trainee system so that all the university students - graduates and undergraduates - will be able to employ what they have learnt within the communities and nations.

• Ensure on-time release of pension to pensioners and grant them better health benefits. Furthermore, ensure that when a pensioner dies, the spouse continues to receive the pension until that deceased spouse's benefits have expired.

- For logistics purposes, merge the statutory departments.

• Use the Goodyear factory and the JBC building to be major centres to train our youth in arts, music, culture, film-making and manufacturing. Use military personnel as tutors.

• Engage the diaspora in projects without partisanship being a part of the package.

- Steve Lyston is a biblical economics consultant and author of several books, including 'End Time Finance' and 'The New Millionaire'.