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Your past does not determine your future

Published:Monday | March 7, 2016 | 12:00 AM

The world's ways are designed to judge a person and determine their future by looking at their past. This is particularly clear in the business sector and the credit system. Furthermore, this is also found to be true about the media. Additionally, those running for political office are often at the mercy of the media, who never fail to dig up dirt on those running for office in order to keep those matters in the public eye and use it against them.

The question here then is, what does one's past have to do with one's future? Everybody has a past, but a past does not determine one's future. Neither does one's past determine one's present. When a person wants to use your past to make certain decisions about your future, then they are automatically playing God.

Regardless of the following choices a person may have made in the past, for example, it does not determine their future:

- Prostitution

- Promiscuity (multiple sex partners)

- Drug/alcohol addiction


- Theft

- Bad credit

- Bankruptcy

- Prison sentence

The moment that person repents, then they are forgiven - God remembers it no more. (I John 1: 9)

If God's system was anything like the world system, then no one would be alive today. Interestingly, if the past of the individuals and groups attempting to condemn others using their past should come to light, many would be surprised and I dare say, shocked!

Never let your past become your future. God is the only one who controls your future. There is no vehicle that can drive in both reverse and forward.

Many times in a relationship, one party will ask the other to come clean before marriage takes place (and sometimes after). When one comes clean, the other tends not to forgive or they will use it to manipulate or curse the other person, and this leads to a breakdown in relationship. What if God should deal with us that way? If we don't get pass our past then we have no future. (Isaiah 43: 18 - 19)

God is always doing a new thing - new mercies each day, new grace, new supply, new opportunities.

Sadly, our politicians and many church leaders keep bringing up the past. Many continually compare our current leaders to past leaders, despite the fact that circumstances, situations and eras have changed.

There is a reason for an Old Testament and a New Testament. The old dealt with the law; the new deals with grace and the future. Some are stuck in the law, so much so that they have no room for grace. The '50's, '60's and '70's will not return!




Our past is not to be a weapon against us! The past must be used as a teacher of wisdom and a giver of experience. Focus more on the new things God is doing with your life. If you focus more on the past, you will not discern the new things.

One who focuses on the past:

- Cannot walk by faith.

- Will not forgive and remains embittered and hurt.

- Walks with baggage which hinders them walking into their future.

- Blinds you from embracing true friends and genuine love.

Our young people are seriously struggling because no future is being built for them. The time is being wasted on living in and from the past, and fixing the present.

When you have been hurt and have not let go of that hurt, then when Mr/Ms Right comes, you will reject him/her.

When a person has been hurt in the church, then when a true shepherd comes, you reject him/her.




- Find scriptures in the Bible that speak about the future and confess them daily.

- Write down all your dreams and visions, goals and objectives, and wait for the manifestation.

- Never allow fear or failure to discourage you from walking into the future.

- Spiritual advancement requires faith Unbelief will never see beyond the difficulties.

- Unbelief sees giants, mountains and the past. Faith sees the future.

- Faith sees the greatness of God to accomplish the future in our lives, so it is time to confront the giants and obstacles that keep you in the dark and in the past.

- Your future is great. Don't allow any negative person, group or circumstance to discourage you concerning your future.

- God always uses your obstacles to promote you.

- Steve Lyston is a biblical economics consultant and author of several books, including 'End Time Finance' and 'The New Millionaire'.