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Needed: Women who are transformed and healed

Published:Monday | April 18, 2016 | 12:00 AM

Many are calling for more women in politics and other influential positions within the society, but they must clearly define what kind of women are needed within those positions.

We need women in influential positions who are transformed and healed, or else we will have chaos within the society. Many empires and great men have fallen because of the wrong kind of woman; and if the truth be told, you would be surprised. There are many distinguished women globally and within the Bible who have contributed to the building of many nations, and we need those women on the front line. Take for example, Deborah - a judge whose multiple leadership functions demonstrate the possibility that any woman who will allow God's spirit to fill their lives will rise to political influence and authority.

Many times, you will hear someone call a woman 'Jezebel', but Jezebel is a spirit which affects hurting women who are not healed and have become cold and wicked. This spirit operates through some women to influence and seduce weak leaders. Jesus speaks of this spirit's characteristics in Revelation 2: 23. Jezebel worships and promotes the Canaanite religion in Israel. It influences people to commit spiritual fornication, meaning, they pull people away from the things of God. They promote immorality. They lobby to bring laws to weaken the Church. God will raise up spirit-filled, transformed, God-fearing women like Deborah - an arbitrator of justice, counsellor, wife, wise settler of disputes, deliverer in time of war and one of great spiritual insight. Furthermore, there will be a great mobilisation of people who are gifted in such areas and who are God-fearing. These are the qualities of women that are prepared to rebuild nations.




While many organisations and, even some arms of the Church, fail to utilise women who are healed and transformed in the varying positions, women play some of the greatest roles since the dawn of time. It was women who were the greatest support to Jesus' ministry and they are, to date, the greatest supporters of the local church. The enemy has been attacking women from the beginning of time, simply because they are an excellent source of positive support. The abuse of our boys, the breaking up of the family, and the reason so many of our men are in prison is a lack of transformed and healed women within our society who understand their roles and responsibilities.

In the Bible, it is the women who teach men how to treat women and how kings should rule (Proverbs 31). They taught their sons what kind of women they should marry. It is the older women who should teach the younger women how to be a wife and how to dress. The breakdown of our women has created a vacuum and instability globally. There is a conflict that exists between women and the enemy (Genesis 3). The enemy knows the power and influence women carry, so he tries to create lobby and feminist groups to destroy families. I believe that unless we quickly reach and empower our women, especially those who are abused and need to be healed, then the enemy is going to use women as the number one terrorist group.

Everything God does, the enemy tries to duplicate or counterfeit, so God is going to bring the greatest transformation and revival through women, in the same way that He has used women to bring great justice and wealth transfer. Thus, there are many modern Mordecais as in the book of Esther, who are mentoring hurting women to be used to bring great changes within nations, and the Hamans that have been lying to kings and giving poor advice, and who have been plotting to kill God's people, will be removed.


spiritual HEALING


The lack of fathers within the home has brought great hurt to many women. Many suffer from rejection, insecurity, lack of confidence and other emotional problems. Some have turned to the occult, seeking help and healing, but only spiritual healing can bring the change they need. Once they are healed and transformed, they will persuade many, including the men within the society who are found wanting. They will become the true PR persons for truth and righteousness within a nation. They will be that voice crying out for the rebuilding of family values within the nation.

Let us all unite and pray that there will be a healing within our women.

- Steve Lyston is a biblical economics consultant and author of several books, including 'End Time Finance' and 'The New Millionaire'.