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Dealing with terrorism

Published:Monday | April 25, 2016 | 12:00 AM
In the days of old, kings and generals would consult God’s servants for war plans, tactics and strategies – and even battle formations.Today, we are seeing the opposite, where even chaplains are being purged from the military and other similar groups and organisations.

Based on what recently happened in Brussels, without a doubt, fighting terrorism is going to be the number one crisis we will have to face and make efforts to deal with in the very near future.

In the days of old, kings and generals would consult God's servants for war plans, tactics and strategies - and even battle formations. (Psalm 18: 39, Exodus 15: 3; Deuteronomy 20: 1-9; Ezra 8: 21-23). Today, we are seeing the opposite, where even chaplains are being purged from the military and other similar groups and organisations. Christian prayer is being banned from many organisations, thus many Christians are being denied their right to pray.

In fighting terrorism, it is impossible to be victorious by excluding Jesus! Psalms 127: 1-2 should be read by every leader at every level!


No political correctness


In dealing with terrorism, there can be no political correctness, the enemy must be clearly identified and communicated. Global leaders have failed to do so, hence they have created a monster that they will have to deal with somewhere in the future. These leaders have also become silent regarding some of the terrorist activities in certain areas which they don't deem as important to the global market and economy, while they sound the alarms in areas such as the European financial zones. However, let it be known - EVERY LIFE MATTERS!!!

We cannot defeat terrorism unless we are truly ready to deal with ideologies and doctrines. When we call black white, good bad and bad good, then we are headed down a dangerous path. Furthermore, we can't truly get victory over terrorism unless we are ready and willing to dry up the resources of the enemy, and we have to face the truth about the persons with whom we do business! Why are we supporting countries that willfully support terrorism?




In order to be effective, nations will need to put a system in place to carry out fair spot checks on those with diplomat or VIP status. Terrorism is not carried out on or by one class of persons in the society. Furthermore, there must be a system to check all those persons working in security and intelligence to ensure that they are not corrupted by money or infiltrated by way of their faith!

We need to promote God-fearing people in strategic positions who have a sense of discernment; not people with a purely analytical mindset. An un-renewed mind cannot see ahead or beyond academic qualifications. There is the real need for people in influential positions - supervisors and security managers - who are willing to acknowledge that there is a Higher Being who speaks in many ways regarding unseen dangers ahead; and they must be willing to listen and implement that which is necessary, putting their ego and pride aside.

Bring prayer back into the security industry and other sensitive areas within our nation! The Caribbean and other Third World countries need to carefully examine all bilateral agreements they are entering into in order to increase investments to the region.

There needs to be more trained dogs and persons to become experts in identifying and even disarming bombs and explosive devices and be placed in strategic areas.

The airline industry is one of the most important industries in existence. The threat of terrorism, the low salaries, the high demand placed on those in the industry (from pilots to engineers, to flight staff and tower personnel) create a synergy for disasters, and unless all global stakeholders make a concerted effort to positively address these issues, things will go awry in no time.

The same demand placed on those in the different lower-level areas for performance must be matched with the salaries and benefits by those in leadership in order to bring balance and success! People who work in the airline industry are the gatekeepers of nations, and they need to be treated with respect and honour. They must be honoured and compensated for the sacrifice they make on a daily basis to connect people with each other and nation with nation. Unless that is done soon, the industry is going to lose millions in addition to human resources, which will ultimately have a significant and negative effect on travellers and nations, so all efforts are needed to protect that industry.

God should be first in national security and defence if we are to be successful in fighting terrorism. God hates terrorism! In order for us to win the battle here, we cannot be distracted by race, class, political preferences or any other prejudices.

We need to cut the waste and provide gainful employment for our youth, so that they will not be indoctrinated and infiltrated by the evils overtaking society.

- Steve Lyston is a biblical economics consultant and author of several books, including 'End Time Finance' and 'The New Millionaire'.