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Steve Lyston | In a toxic environment - Take a stand, Prime Minister!

Published:Monday | May 16, 2016 | 12:00 AM

With all the happenings in the nation these days, Jamaica has become a toxic environment as a result of happenings over the years.

This is not just limited to politics; it is a culmination of activities of every person in the nation. Each individual now needs to examine his or her contribution to the country's current state. We cannot allow partisan politics to blind us from seeing what is really happening within the nation. Jamaica belongs to God and God decides who rules. Our focus must be for the benefit of all and for the rebuilding of our beloved country. I am surprised that the churches of Jamaica, who have the power to bless and enrich, life have allowed poison, venom and greed to overrun their hallways. Unless something drastic takes place very shortly, the evil will go directly after the pastors and politicians.

With all the good intentions of any government or business in order to experience growth (such as that needed by the present Government) and with the appointment of economic ambassadors (which is a good move), we cannot have growth unless the toxic environment is first dealt with. Any farmer will tell you that when the ground is not prepared, farming cannot take place. The soil needs to be tilled and the debris removed. By principle, this is what will need to take place in Jamaica before any growth can take place. When spiritual laws are broken, we have to make atonement.




The past administration was wrongly advised and they have made covenants and policies for economic reasons, but now the nation is suffering for those decisions. Gambling, flexi-week and other decisions have contributed to the current state of affairs in the nation. It would be unwise for the present Government to engage in economic agreement without any ethical or moral guidelines. It will cost us dearly. Everyone who comes say that they will provide jobs and grow the economy. But when there is no ethical stand or guideline, we can't even vote the way we should. Instead, we would have to compromise and do the bidding of other countries. We will even compromise on our foreign policies.

The current administration has now inherited all the ghosts and demons of the past decisions from the different administrations of the past. Some have come through business and we label it culture. The nation imports a great deal of goods and services and everything that comes with that. The past People's National Party administration does not need to waste time and money to find out why they lost. But, instead, they should try to make atonement for the path and direction that they were taking and be true to themselves. God allowed them to be out of office so that they may re-evaluate the path they were on. The present Government needs to understand that it was not their intellect or campaign strategy why they are now in power. God has given them a second chance to make it right for and with Jamaica. They cannot depend on man to make change, but they must look to God (Jeremiah 17; Psalms 121).

The past administration was looking to man, money and fame to give them the victory, but they suffered defeat. The present prime minister needs to look and see the mistakes of his predecessors. Any leader who is willing to look to God to bring change to the nation, God will bring that change through their administration (II Chronicles 15).

To grow the nation by five per cent, as proposed by Michael Lee-Chin, is a good idea. But that can only come about by God's tactics, strategies and intervention. Only God can bring power to get wealth.




We need to create a new environment for growth. The administration needs to call a spiritual retreat to move forward. There are many vipers who do not have the country's best interest at heart; neither do they genuinely care about the youth. The Government, in trying to find solutions, must be careful that they do not make wrong covenants and sink the nation lower. There are many out there who want to see Jamaica's demise, and even the media must not be fooled. We are not fighting a political war, but ideologies, greed, manipulation and even witchcraft. I never thought I would see a time where Jamaica would be importing witchcraft, but it is so. We have even allowed a 'free-for-all' in our business sector; particularly in the area of tourism - Anything goes in the island. Here are a few ideas that could bring the nation back.

• Call the nation into three days of fasting.

• Bring the general consumption tax down to 12 per cent.

• Reopen the factories and focus on garment production.

• Target Spanish, European and African countries.

• Seek the diaspora who are involved in auto mechanics; it is time to manufacture cars locally - we can do it!

• Build new houses and move the people away from the dump.

• Take a stand, PM! Because very shortly, your very own will want to come against you.


Note: Starting next week, this feature will appear on Saturdays in Family and Religion.

- Steve Lyston is a biblical economics consultant and author of several books, including 'End Time Finance' and 'The New Millionaire'.