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Ronald Mason | Bloody crossroads

Published:Sunday | July 3, 2016 | 12:00 AM

What has been the position regarding crime in Jamaica in the last 10 years? Murder, mayhem, beheadings, strewing of body parts at different locations, children being raped and butchered, the elderly being slaughtered, pregnant mothers having their throats cut and stabbed all over the bodies, and once brave men, now retired, left to cower in utter fear and watch their loved ones gun-butted and beaten right before their eyes.

However, the police force changes commissioners with an alarming frequency and Jamaica has had multiple ministers of national security in the same decade. The lack of policy continuity signals that there really is no real concern about crime. The police force is reported as having death squads in their midst, a former commissioner loses confidence of a major benefactor, and we die.

We die hearing the minister of tourism begging for us not to speak the truth about crime. He does not seem to care about the well-being of those who live here. Every single night, 365 days per year, we lock ourselves behind prison bars, turn on the security systems, let loose a pack of dogs, and huddle in fear as we listen to the minister of national security tell members of the police force to wear condoms when having sex, in response, amid rampant crime.

Nobody protects the citizens of Jamaica. We must remember the exhortation of Edward Seaga: "fire for fire, blood for blood". We need to remember and draw on the militancy of those words. He also said he would "lock down the country tighter than a sardine can". Jamaica is a dangerous place for the law-abiding citizen to live. We need competent police, not 'previously owned' vehicles. Should we, the citizens, who have a strong desire to live, take things into our own hands?


Herculean effort


Large amounts of money is disbursed and Herculean effort is taken to move heaven and earth to solve the murders of visitors, while we are being slaughtered like stray animals. Drugs trans-shipped in a boat -- silence from the police. High-powered weapons found in a warehouse - silence from the police. Man killed at political function - silence from the police. Which 'big man or big police' is involved?

Bullets rain on us like confetti, but all the politicians have bodyguards. We die while the politicians dine and drink wine.

Enough! Do something that is beneficial and positive about crime. Must we consider civil disobedience? Stop paying taxes? Boycott the politician? Block the streets with our bodies? Let's no longer call any of the 63 members of parliament 'Most Honourable' or 'Honourable'.

My country is stained with our blood and the politicians babble on about some tourist and missionaries. Enough! We need to live. We have a right to live. Politicians, do you really know what it is like to have a home invasion by criminals who put you to lie on the cold ground, cover you with a sheet, and listen to them trying to decide how to kill you, either by bullets or by crowbar? Well, I know, and lots of us 'ordinary' Jamaicans know.

I don't want to hear any more from you politicians. You hug up the area leaders who thrive by slaughtering us, ordinary citizens. Enough! A plague on all 63 members of parliament. To hell with the tourist industry!

I will tell all who enquire about the true state of crime in Jamaica. If they kill me next time, so be it. Just remember the first rule of man is self-preservation and the protection of his family. If the State will not protect us, we must do so, by any means necessary. I am not leaving. This is my country.


Gangs in Parliament


To hell with you politicians! You form yourselves into gangs and meet in Parliament, and all that comes out is denigration of the Jamaican State. You politicians recite platitudes. You politicians spend money on things of less priority. Enough of the spouting of platform propaganda about 'you will be killed if you vote for the PNP, but you can sleep with your doors open if the JLP is government'. You turn around and politicise local government to divert attention from your many shortcomings while we die.

The Opposition babbles on about their leader, knowing fully well that she is not competent, but there is a local government election to be won. It is of little moment that thousands of us are killed yearly. You quibble about which side is government when 1,200 or 1,005 citizens are killed.

DNA and technology policing are only talking points. You kowtow to Amnesty International et al while we die. You all bleat about poverty while poorer countries than ours suffer civil war yet don't record as many murders as we do.

Sick, disgusting, uncaring politicians wine and dine and travel the globe while we, the citizens, are murdered. Enough!

- Ronald Mason is an attorney-at-law and Supreme Court mediator. Email feedback to and