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Ronald Mason | Trumping pro-white rhetoric

Published:Sunday | July 31, 2016 | 12:00 AM

The Republican National Convention preceded last week's edition of the Democratic National Convention. These conventions provide for the formal ratification of the parties' standard-bearers in the lead-up to the general election set for November 8, 2016.

An analysis of the Republican Party reveals that it has been traditionally the party of capitalism, conservatism and celebration of the greatness of America. The 2016 staging of the conventions was predicated on major differences. The Republicans showcased Donald J. Trump, who is alleged to be a billionaire with a history of bluster and who has tapped into the disquiet of the white, blue-collar male worker.

Trump has spoken to the major divisions he recognises: economic, racial, social and demographic. He rails against blacks, Muslims, immigrants, and Mexicans, and though unstated, he leaves the impression that diverse groups threaten the supremacy of the white male.




He is correct, but it is ironic that this is from a man whose mother was a Scottish immigrant and two of his three wives to date sought solace in America from Eastern Europe. He does not see this irony because these persons are white. The white male position of privilege is, indeed, threatened. They make up 31 per cent of the American population, 65 per cent of all elected officials, and are eight times more likely to control political power than women of colour. (Washington Post, October 8, 2014).

When Trump and this Republican Party yearn for the good old days, they seek the era of where only the male worked outside the home, the women had limited tertiary education, and all the neighbours looked like them. That America is fading fast.

Non-white males now make up 19 per cent of the population; non-white women, 19 per cent; white women, 32 per cent. Probably most alarming to Donald Trump and this Republican party is that the white majority - male and female combined - as a percentage of the US population - will be gone by 2043 (US News/NBC, June 13, 2013).

Rural and ethnic minorities now constitute half of the under-five age group, as reported by the US Census Bureau in July 2012. The Republican Party Convention, just completed, had a grand total of 18 black delegates. This is the party of Lincoln, who freed the slaves and was the political home of the majority of black people up to 1964. Barry Goldwater contributed to the exit of black people and Richard Nixon completed the job.

This is the historical basis for Donald Trump to preach fear, division and hate in the year 2016. He must continue this approach to win now and win at any cost. That is why this convention has given rise to the slogan, 'Make America great again'. This explains his brash, defiant statement that "I am the only person who can fix America". Bar the immigrant, send home the undocumented, build the wall, and marginalise all who are not white.

We who have the benefit of being outside of America, but impacted by the shadow its cast across the globe, must begin to plan for the results of November 8. If the Republicans win, America, as we know it, will be less hospitable, more angry and display a siege mentality. The arrogance that comes with a feeling of superiority will be palpable. How ironic that this week, even before a Donald Trump victory, agents of the American government made their presence felt in our criminal justice system. Heaven help us all, if the Republicans win.

The Democratic National Convention ended this past Thursday. Hillary Clinton is now the official standard-bearer. To serve in this position, she had to rely heavily on America's first couple, the black Barack Obama, first-generation American son of a Kenyan foreign student, and Michelle Obama, a black daughter of Southside, Chicago.




Hillary has spent the last 45 years of her life with Bill Clinton, who never really made up his mind whether he was America's first black president or Bubba from Hope, Arkansas, but this liaison has worked well for Hillary Clinton. It stood her in good stead with the Rose Law firm in Arkansas, Whitewater, Web Hubble, Vince Foster and all the sordid episodes that have led to her being labelled corrupt and garnering very high negatives.

Hillary Clinton has paid the price for her associations. She even was the acting president. Remember the use of the narrative, electing Bill Clinton and getting 'two for one'.

Hillary Clinton's attempt to shatter the glass ceiling would see her moving the 'Rock of Gibraltar and replacing it with a pebble. Her sense of entitlement is the main message conveyed in this Convention. She must be the chosen one for Barack Obama's third term.

The convention offered Hillary Clinton the opportunity to contrast the mean, divisive, anti-female, angry white male with this person who has devoted her life to the cause. It is now her time.

The DNC says, let us continue with the predictability of the old policies and add a few from Bernie. Let us make history as we elect the first Madam President.

- Ronald Mason is an attorney-at-law and Supreme Court mediator. Email feedback to and