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Gordon Robinson | Al and Herro’s excellent adventure

Published:Tuesday | September 20, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Bishop Herro Blair (left) and the Rev Al Miller have still not told the full truth on the Dudus surrender intrigue.

Since a parish judge handed Al Miller his second criminal conviction, he and pal, Herro Blair, have circled the media wagons to convince us that 'a nuh nutten'.

Fair enough. However, the sight of normally cynical media practitioners drinking Al and Herro's Kool-Aid by the bucket makes me ill. Al and Herro's excellent adventure features Herro's wild, unsubstantiated and unworthy allegations against the JCF. Nobody has held his feet to the fire.

Al alleges that the police commissioner approved his plan to surrender Dudus and gave him the option of delivering Dudus to any police station or to the US Embassy. Al says Dudus chose the embassy because he was fearful that police would kill him. Trevor McNaughton, Tony Brevett and Brent Dowe (The Melodians):

I have a little nut tree.

Nothing would it bear for me

but a silver nutmeg

and a golden pear alone ...

Let's examine this utter rot that media have failed to convert into the Swiss cheese argument it really is.

1. No police commissioner can give any Jamaican an option to break the law. With a warrant issued for Dudus by a Jamaican judge, with 73 Jamaicans (the West Kingston commission of enquiry says 69) already having died in genocidal attempts to execute that warrant, only a lunatic would purport to 'offer' the fugitive the unlawful 'option' of surrendering to the embassy;

2. So it's an impossible offer from the get-go. Were it to be attempted, you'd think everything would first be tied up with a bow at tripartite meetings among Commish, embassy and Al. Nothing such is alleged.

3. The embassy immediately denied any arrangement with Al. Commish refused to testify. Al's defence elected not to subpoena him.

If you listen closely, you'll realise that the alleged 'discussions' Herro keeps talking about took place BEFORE the Tivoli invasion. This isn't contentious. At the Manatt enquiry, Golding and Ellington admitted to being contacted by Al, who said he was trying to convince Dudus to turn himself in.

However, Al's continuing fantasy, rejected by the judge, that weeks later the commissioner gave Al options for his Driving Miss Daisy routine is something Herro didn't witness personally. He certainly didn't give any such evidence at Al's trial.

When persons of interest are surrendered by intermediaries, precise details of where and when are prearranged. Why wouldn't the commissioner tell his policemen Al was on an approved mission? If everything was prearranged, why was the fugitive disguised?

One lonely night in June

when my tree began to bloom

I saw in front of me

a girl just like the Queen of May

This isn't the first time a judge has rejected Al's claims in response to a criminal charge. Charged with criminal negligence in causing his firearm to be stolen, Al's excuse was that he was distracted by picking plum (plum?).

To my surprise, she was to be

what God wanted her to be.

She was to be my lover, you see,

so that's how it will be

The judge rejected his unsworn testimony, in which Rev Al was quoted as saying: "I think the judge made her decision based on information that she garnered, albeit inaccurate ... but it raises the whole question of the system."


Testimony rejected


After his sworn testimony was AGAIN rejected in the Driving Miss Daisy affair, he repeated similarly garbled allegations before getting help sounding like a comic-strip Chineyman answering the phone, "Herrooooooooooo!" Thereafter, the duo's comedy shtick's premise has been "Al can't be to blame". Remember, Al's perfect. He once wrote (Gleaner, January 13, 2013):"The Church and its representatives are the primary carriers of the mind of Christ in the world and it's through them, Mr Robinson, and all men need to be guided. Mr Robinson, you cannot get around us, as we're the only true, authentic reps on [earth]. I, for sure, and many others have the history, evidence, lifestyle and character to back it up ... ."

Al should count his blessings. James Forbes was fined $800,000 for a first offence related to a traffic ticket. Constable Lyn Sue (first offence; fabricating evidence) was sentenced to six months in prison. Al was caught ferrying Jamaica's most wanted fugitive, in disguise, allegedly to an institution with zero right to receive him. His alleged enabler repeatedly denied him.

So, one of the most indecent arguments being put forward is to compare Al to Jesus Christ, "the most famous criminal convict". But Jesus WANTED to be convicted. He refused to defend Himself. Jesus' conviction, death sentence and execution were all part of a divine plan. Al's Driving Miss Daisy charade was another very smelly kettle of fish.Peace and love.

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