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Gordon Robinson | Truth or consequences?

Published:Tuesday | November 8, 2016 | 12:00 AM

Finally! Jamaicans, especially Jamaican women who speak of Hillary Clinton in hushed tones of awe, are able to exhale.

Today, millions of US citizens select a new president. Their choices, Donald Trump, vilified as the epitome of evil by US media but especially Rachel Maddow, the Democratic Party and most Jamaican women; and Hillary Clinton, wrapped in sainthood by all of the above, continue to appear to clear thinkers as pot and kettle. Don't worry, all whose spiritual energy has been spent railing against Trump and holding your breath lest he (God NO!) should win only have 18 hours to go.

"At last

my love has come along.

My lonely days are over

and life is like a song"

The most hilarious aspect for me of the past three or four weeks (since Pu**ygate) is the disorganised, desperate, unethical and biased approach of US media. Everything is hyped. Pu**ygate itself, nothing more than two grown men speaking in private about their perception of how women misbehave if given 'proper' motivation (comes in many shapes and sizes but all spelt 'M-O-N-E-Y'), has been presented as Trump advocating 'sexual assault'. DWL!

In reality, Trump, with the correct amount of amazed disbelief in his voice, simply observed that, once they're dealing with 'stars', women (generally speaking, not EVERY woman) will allow anything. Not to worry, Hillary, who NEVER abused any woman, no matter if the motivation was to keep her husband in the White House, is available. All will be well.

"At last

the skies above are blue.

My heart was wrapped up in clover

the night I looked at you"

John Comey, FBI director appointed by George W. Bush, had been hailed for his personal integrity, especially when the Bush administration tried to have a seriously ill, hospitalised AG, John Ashcroft, sign authorisations for warrantless interception of citizens' phone calls. Comey rushed to the hospital and blocked the attempt.

The same Comey led an FBI investigation of Hillary Clinton's abuse of her private email server to transact official State Department business, but suddenly announced (in the heat of the campaign) the investi-gation closed despite Comey's personal opinion that Hilary had been "negligent". Media hailed that announcement as necessary and proper, despite coming, as it did, less than 24 hours after his boss, AG Loretta Lynch, met with Bill Clinton behind closed doors on his private plane talking (she said) about their "kids".




Something may've festered in Comey's craw because, during an unconnected investigation, new emails presumptively sent by a close Clinton aide were found on Anthony Wiener's (remember him?) laptop (no jokes, please). Comey immedi-ately wrote to Republican congressmen (leaked to media) announcing the reopening of the Clinton investigation. Comey is suddenly described as unethical and politicised.

So, Hillary, previously cruising to victory (according to polls), started worrying not only about WikiLeaks, but also a leaking Wiener! Her political speeches took on a distinctly more shrill tone. Then, on Sunday, Comey announced Hillary again cleared and returned to being a man of integrity.

In the campaigns' last days, Secret Service dramatically hustled Trump off a rally stage because someone shouted "gun!" Since then, Trump's campaign persistently referred to the incident as an "assassination attempt." Holy issue-free election Batman!

Readers of my pinpoint forecast of February's local election asked me to try the US elections.

1. The result will mean nothing to Jamaica, which already resides in the pockets of the IMF, World Bank and other US-controlled interests. Neither candidate cares;

2. In every election, cash talks and bullcrap walks. Polls mean NOTHING. Polls, schmolls! Votes in boxes win elections. Trump didn't get so asset rich by spending his money on ideals (although he recently wired a few mil to the campaign), and the GOP isn't helping. Hillary, however, attracted unlimited amounts of other people's money (you scratch my back ... ) to employ massive ground troops to move votes into ballot boxes.

Jamaican women, relax. Celebrate well into tonight. It's Hillary Clinton on a common canter. But, be careful. Women have been exulting At Last and been disappointed since the song was written (1941) by Mack Gordon and Harry Warren for the musical film Orchestra Wives, where it was performed by the Glenn Miller Orchestra (the same Glenn Miller whose band disappeared while flying over the English Channel three years later). The version you know, by Etta James, debuted in 1960.

So, ladies, beware! Often, 'At Last' is like a game of truth or consequences. Let me know how President Billary Clinton works for you.

Peace and love.

- Gordon Robinson is an attorney-at-law.

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