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Brian-Paul Welsh | A whole new world

Published:Monday | November 14, 2016 | 12:00 AM

The planet is still slightly disoriented after the massive shift in the polls that took place last week. Many persons emerged from the twilight to be greeted by a world that seemed slightly askew, and with newspaper headlines screaming what had initially seemed unimaginable in this epoch, a new capitalist-in-chief is about to be crowned in the empire, amid a seismic shift occurring in the kingdom's culture.

A long and distracting season of pageantry bedazzled the villagers with intense moments of shock and awe, culminating in an overnight cliffhanger and the surprise defeat of the heroine, finally trumped by the villain.

Unlike his predecessors, this new emperor is not cloaked in pretence. He says what he means, and we think he means what he says. What we can say for certain is that, with him, we have witnessed the culmination of 30 years of meaningful activity as a leader in public opinion. The tycoon became king in the great white north, once more raising the flag for the mythical Americana.

He is no fool. Be wise. He has written numerous books and there is a wealth of material freely available going back decades that reveals the astuteness of his logic and the quickness of his wit - no matter your taste in his style or delivery. You must first study the mind of the man in order to form a worthwhile opinion.


Rise and fall of icons


In the ebb and flow of this civilisation, we have observed the rise and fall of numerous icons. They awaken something meaningful inside us, exciting that which we value and stand in defence of. We bore witness to such a moment when the post-racial myth exploded and the libertarian veneer imploded over the course of a marathon campaign trail literally lined with dead bodies, missions to Mars, and the threat of a nuclear Armageddon. This could only have happened in the USA!

The promise to return a culture from the wastelands and uplift a once mighty people to greatness again was heard and caused a tremor among a significant number of Americans, many of whom expressed feelings of neglect by their tribe as the kingdom expanded to also include a noticeable number of foreigners.

Presiding over a fractured organisation at a time of global volatility is an unenviable position for any CEO; and in this instance, the Chief, renowned for his relentlessness, has made it one of his many missions to shed the weight of some undesirables. Many are now sitting comfortably after scrambling to ensure their names were on the good list, while others face an uncertain future in a country with a leader they think might be interested in building walls instead of bridges.

The stakes are high in this game of thrones and the new king of the hill must surely recognise that public disquiet is bad for business. Every effort will surely be made to ameliorate the tensions and return the kingdom to some new sense of sensibility after this sore was wittingly lanced by the white knight.

The world watched as toxins oozed from the cancerous lesion deliberately uncovered after being allowed to fester for decades. As we observed the sepsis in metropolitan society from the supposed safety of our long-suffering village, many held the foreboding sense that this accumulating energy would culminate in the creation of a whole new world, and, for many, it already has.


Social illusion


What will happen now that factions have been energised by rhetoric unbecoming of a wise leader? With the social illusion of the past decade shattered before our very eyes, what will be the culture of this new liberal republic?

Some already fear the worst and are packing their bags just in case they have to return to Jamrock and cash in on the prosperity promise. Others, like myself, are simply watching the seasons change.

The global community is experiencing sudden shifts in old paradigms and regimes. It can no longer be guaranteed that the world as we have come to know it will exist tomorrow. As power is vested in iconic figures, we must, therefore, be forever mindful of power's absolutely corruptive nature.

When the dust settles after this political earthquake and the USA becomes the United States of Trump, perhaps those among us so inclined will finally pull together the time, effort, and resources necessary in order to create the long-awaited United States of Africa.

- Brian-Paul Welsh is a writer and public affairs commentator. Email feedback to and, or tweet @islandcynic.