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Reginald Allen | JUTC alarmed at raunchy student behaviour

Published:Friday | December 9, 2016 | 12:00 AM

The Jamaica Urban Transit Company Limited (JUTC) notes with concern an outline from one of our commuters in the form of a letter to the editor in the Monday, December 5, issue of The Gleaner.

The commuter's outline included sexually suggestive behaviour among a group of students from Jamaica College and, ostensibly, Ardenne High School, on Friday, December 2, 2016.

The behaviour that was depicted is obviously not acceptable on JUTC buses, from neither adults nor children, and it has not been something with which the JUTC has any familiarity in our overall operation.

In response, the JUTC is seeking to harness the support of the administrations of both schools that were identified in the letter, along with the Ministry of Education, in a bid to get to the bottom of the clearly unacceptable student activities.


Nothing unusual


Based on the information that was provided by the commuter, the JUTC has been able to identify the bus and the driver of the unit at the time, who has indicated that no unusual event came to his attention during his shift on the day in question, which was during peak-hour commuting when the buses are typically full of passengers.

The driver's position does not contradict the commuter's outline, as in dialogue with the JUTC on the matter, which was facilitated by the newspaper, the commuter mentioned futile efforts made by a few persons, including her, an Ardenne graduate, to get the students to behave themselves, but gave no indication of the driver having been alerted.

It is noteworthy that the broad support and input of the Ministry of Education is being sought to bring about a general focus on deviant student behaviour within the transport sector, including, obviously, the JUTC of late.

We would have thought it wasn't here, based on almost no reporting of the particular problem on our buses before, but with it emerging, the JUTC is bent on stemming any such loose behaviour among students on the fleet, as this is both undesirable and bad for business.


Do something


In this vein, the JUTC is imploring adult commuters travelling on our buses to do something about such unacceptable behaviour on the units, including alerting the drivers to the relative situations.

No doubt, activities like the one being focused on are influenced by the applicable levels of parenting, which lay the relevant foundations for the types of behaviour that are displayed by children outside of direct supervision.

Unfortunately, the JUTC was the venue of this reported act of vulgarity by the students in question, and for that we take some responsibility, although within the context that with our single-operator units, it is very difficult for the drivers to control all that may be taking place on the units they are operating.

We, however, hope to bring enough public focus to this reported incident to impact the education sector into the realisation that children live what they learn, whether at home or in schools, which, in this case, they unfortunately opted to play out on a public bus.

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