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Editorial | Stop the whingeing, PNP

Published:Monday | December 26, 2016 | 12:06 AM

We understand the chagrin of Mark Golding and Peter Phillips, justice and finance minister, respectively, in the previous administration, regarding their party having lost the government before the green shoots of their economic reform project turned into full-fledged economic growth. That’s one of the uncertainties of democratic politics.

But part of the art of good government and good governance is appreciating which of your opponent’s/predecessor’s policies are worth keeping. The Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) Government, since it came to office in March, has been mostly good at this. It has kept firmly on the economic course of the past five years and even walked back on its pre-election promise by raising a billion dollars in indirect taxes to offset a give-back on personal income tax.

After years of stagnation and anaemic growth, the economy is expected to expand by around two per cent this fiscal year and be on a sharper upward trajectory in the coming years.

In that regard, the Holness administration should be commended, rather than mocked, for supposedly “reaping what it did not sow”, as was done by Mr Golding and, to a lesser extent, Dr Phillips.

For while it may be true that the new administration “inherited a platform” built by the previous one, they could have made a mess of it. That they haven’t is good for Jamaica. Further, we welcome this continuity in government rather than the old habit of ripping up what was laid down by your predecessor, even if it is good.

The Holness administration still has more than four years to ago in government – a long time to implement its own policies and adjust existing ones according to its vision of Jamaica. There will be ample opportunity for the Opposition and others to assess the efficacy of its actions.

Griping now that they are having a good go at your policies doesn’t cut it.