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Mark Wignall | The church and its sex problem

Published:Thursday | January 12, 2017 | 12:00 AM

Beginning with deflection in response to my simple questions on the Bible while just a teen and my rational examination of life, science and natural phenomena since, let me state at the outset to clear up misunderstanding, for the last 50 years I have not shared a belief in any religion or divinity, myth to me, but reality of God to many.

Over the last week, many sectors in our society have become verbally animated at the reports of a 64-year-old pastor allegedly caught having sex with an underaged girl from a socio-economically deprived family. Most are far from surprised that it happened.

We know that it is considered 'sport' in Jamaica for men who occupy positions of social and economic power to sexually prey on underaged girls from gully bank and bush mountain. What galled us is, if the reports prove authentic in a court of law, he was actually caught.




It is a perversity of social intercourse that big fish eat little fish in just about every national border. It matters little now that the Church initially gained its power by selectively allying itself with armies and principalities to force itself on the people who were simply seen as more peasants needing guidance, but this time from a made-up benevolence and fairy dust.

The fact is, the Church is here to stay even if it is shown that some of those in authority use it as cover for their sexual predation.

The hypocrisy not just of the church leadership but of its sheep when its fleshly wrongs are laid bare is to be thankful that the Christian religion, like many others, have fashioned into its narratives its greatest ever escape clause, Satan the devil, the disrupter of all things virtuous.

While I am prepared to accept my own weaknesses of the flesh as my fun side set on normal, the religious man, caught with his pants down, is forced to blame his erectile functionality on the horny Devil who made him do it. It wasn't me!

Like the famed televangelist Jimmy Swaggart who was caught many years ago in a seedy motel room with a misplaced condom and a nameless prostitute, the first route back from perdition is tears, then the appeal to a forgiving Saviour and loud rebuke of that ram goat named Satan, situated just south of the belt buckle.

Sexuality and the marriage of the church is a union which creates its automatic divorce right at the outset at the wedding ceremony. Forged in the false acceptance that the flesh is weak and not normal; sinful and not sexual, in the Catholic Church, for example, priests must make the vows of celibacy, a state physiologically unhealthy and mentally uncomfortable for a 'normal' male.

But having claimed pre-eminence in societies all over, excepting for the progressive populations of the Scandinavian countries, religious leaders have boxed themselves into a corner of their own making and forced to predatory conquests like just your wild community bull puss.

Those human and criminal intents, when exposed, will naturally threaten the claim that the Church must take a lead in finding solutions to many of the matters besetting this nation.




Church members are, perversely, quite rational in shedding tears and seeing 'forgiveness' as the first stop on the many trips they are forced to make back inside their minds. They are forced to 're-God-ify' their leaders, which in essence is a great reach out to re-cementing their religious belief that has been and is the meaning of their existence.

So instead of a pastor, a deacon or a bishop making a hasty exit either of his own volition or by firing, all, from flock to sheep to shepherd, are forced into a great denial in the hope that with enough time spent in prayer, the human foibles and sexual predation of their leaders will be forgotten.

Unfortunately for atheists, they are too much into accepting of the normality of healthy sexual behaviour and submitting to the authority of the state whenever they are caught with 'mi shirt in mi left (hand) and mi pants in mi right,' with underaged females.

On the other hand, church leaders and flock are forced to see sexual predation as the work of the devil living just south of the belt buckle. Two sets of prayers and send him back to hell!

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