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Wendel McKoy trusted God for deliverance

Published:Thursday | August 3, 2017 | 12:00 AM

The first few legs of Wendel McKoy’s life were marked by doom and saturated by struggle.

Almost dying after being born prematurely, predicted next in line to go mentally ill after all his older siblings were admitted to mental institutions one after the other, and having his first child being hospitalised on numerous occasions for asthma, the then Rastafarian who had taken up a life of weed-smoking, liquor drinking and womanising, said he was left to do nothing else but trust God for deliverance.

He told Family & Religion that this trust not only had his daughter released from the hospital in record time, but also healed her completely, and after experiencing what he described as a ‘supernatural encounter’ with God where he was elevated from the ground by the Holy Ghost, McKoy surrendered his life to the Most High.

Hidden treasure

“At the point of my conversion the minister said that there is a hidden treasure inside of me which will only be realised when I accepted Him. He also said there is a darkness that engulfed my family but I would be used by the Power of Jesus to change that.

“At that time, all of us (my mother, my siblings and their children) were struggling,” he said.

The now-man-of-God testifies that his conversion somewhat triggered a blessing with a domino effect that eventually impacted his entire family.

“My mom started to travel; my sisters just got up and started to work and their children were filed for. My daughter, niece and nephew got saved (baptised) and my mother’s four children got married.

“The Lord gave me a wife who has never been in a relationship, then I became a pastor of a church that was transformed through the Power of God from seven members to almost 50 in short order.” he said, as he raised a praise to Jesus, seemingly still mind-blown by the turn of events.

McKoy, who now pastors three churches in St. Mary, told Family & Religion that his is a story of one family member stepping forward and accepting Jesus, which in turn broke family curses and yokes.