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JaRistotle’s Jottings | Same ****, different day

Published:Friday | September 22, 2017 | 12:00 AM

Some time back, I wrote about the lack of common sense that seems to be quite prevalent within the ranks of key decision-makers in this here island of ours. Despite seeing some aspects of my concerns being addressed, there are many areas where dumb still reigns. What I find even more abominable is the fact that when dumb has been exposed, double-dumb provides excuses and 'explanations' instead of throwing dumbty-dumb off the wall.




The nation has not heard one word as to sanctions vis-·-vis the Mount Salem misinformation saga or the widespread absence of police personnel during the launch of the special operations in that zone. It seems to be business as usual, with the pension-pending commissioner seemingly quailed up on the matter.

It does not take a genius to figure out that after such blunderous performances, heads should roll. But don't hold your breath, people, because neither the Police High Command nor the Government is going to do anything about the matter.

First, the senior cops have little or no handle on their subordinates. Theirs is a skeletal relationship: chastise the juniors and they fly the closet door to reveal the seniors' skeletons. Argument done! Second, it does not take a genius to know that no political party can truly expect to win an election without the support of the police. It is as simple as that. So with wage negotiations going on and by-elections on the horizon, there is hardly likely to be any shaking of the tree by the Government. They need their allies. Jamaica and its citizens are again shafted. Same ****, different day.


Actions Wanted, Not Words


As one politico once told me, "Politics is the art of the now. Tomorrow's problems are not yet here, and yesterday's problems nine-day wonders." It is so true, and National Security Minister Robert Montague seems to have become a master of the art of the now, an artist of the BS variety. He has spoken to countless artsy fartsy plans and strategies, given the idiots among us showers of manure, but yet there are no positive results in curtailing rampant criminality and wanton murders. Same ****, different day.

Mr Minister, you need to shut up and put up, Sir. Fire those who are not performing, especially those who you appointed because of political leanings. Set an example to start with. You have said that you oversee policy, not operations. Policy establishes direction and requires example. To date, you have been loud but shackled in place, like somebody obeah yuh. Yuh need fi buss out!

I am quite sure the minister, like countless others, is aware of the where, why and who issues underpinning the crime in specific areas. Does he have the balls to come before the nation and explain what, where and why, and call names, exposing the beastly underbelly of crime once and for all?


Misplaced Priorities


It is no secret as to the identities of the leaders, shottas and facilitators of the major gangs. It is no secret as to where the gangs get their funding, the businesses they invest in, and the people who are their advisers and facilitators.

Instead of relentlessly targeting these individuals and gangs, we have cops with ticket books acting as revenue-collection agents in areas such as Half-Way Tree, being pally-pally with hustling taxi drivers who don't give one s*** about the tickets issued. Duh! This is what we send squaddie to go do after months of specialised, multimillion-dollar training? And in the meantime, Don Dog barks and another one of us bites the dust. Same s***, different day.

We need to reject the notion that the heartless monsters wreaking havoc on our society deserve to be entitled to the normal rights of law-abiding individuals. Known members and facilitators of gangs should be named and declared non grata, enemies of the state. They should not be entitled to any benefit, 'bly', preferential treatment, or legal allowance, including bail, but rather to specific denial thereof. Crime must not pay, and they must learn that lesson the hard way. Then it will be a different day and different s***.

Minister, do you have what it takes?

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