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Simone Murray | Pastor Scott and Frew transform lives

Published:Saturday | October 28, 2017 | 12:00 AMSimone Murray

I want to highlight that there is still a light that shines in Montego Bay, Jamaica. I am blessed to have met two diamonds in the rough: Apostle Mervelyn Scott and Prophetess Jonice Frew, two awesome pastors of Signs and Wonders Deliverance Ministries International, currently located at 42 Market Street.

Apostle Scott is a humble spiritual giant and has been co-Pastor of Signs and Wonders Deliverance Ministries International since its inception. She is well-rounded in theology, having studied at the Bible Training Institute and the Leadership Development Institute, as well as the International Seminary, where she obtained graduate qualifications.

Her preaching is seasoned by the quality of her pastoral training, her personal experiences, and most important, by the anointing of the Holy Spirit. Combining a deep love and knowledge of the Word of God with a genuine shepherd's heart, Apostle Scott has an excellent rapport with the membership of the church and visitors alike. She never misses an opportunity to call sinners to repentance, personally walking the congregation and encouraging persons to come to the altar.

Prophetess Frew, affectionately called the 'Knife' especially by the group of young people whom she mentors is a woman of God. Empowered by the Holy Spirit, she is called upon to teach, preach, counsel, administer, and prophesy to His people. She is also the senior guidance counsellor at the Hopewell High School.

Education has always been important to Prophetess Frew, and she has coupled her love for education with an even greater commitment to ministry. The Lord has placed her especially in the realm of the deliverance ministries, and she operates at a very high dimension in the prophetic anointing.

Pastor Frew obtained a Diploma in Education from the Sam Sharpe Teachers' College in 2006. After classes, she would travel miles even to other parishes to preach the gospel. She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from the International University of the Caribbean in 2008, and a Master of Science in educational leadership from the Central Connecticut State University in 2011.


Unswerving loyalty to the gospel


Ministers Scott and Frew have consistently and unswervingly clung to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They are obedient to the Word of God, even at their personal expense.

They sacrifice for persons every day, taking from the offerings and tithes and giving it to persons to help them in their situations. These pastors are REAL: they live and preach holy and clean living, righteousness, true worship, daily study of the Word of God, evangelism and loving the lost, having a personal relationship with God, and prayer.

Their ministry is founded through, based on and run by prayer. They stress meticulousness in one's spiritual life, and advocate resilience and integrity.

Even in personal discomfort, they travail for persons to receive freedom and deliverance from every oppressive ill in the realm of the spirit. Persons visit our services from the US, Canada, England, and from parishes like Trelawny, St Catherine and Kingston because they have heard about the pure ministry of pastors Scott, and Frew and they believe that when these women of God pray for them, they will get their deliverance through the power of the Holy Spirit.

The world is blessed to have these anointed and appointed women of God. They are vibrant, humorous, kind, compassionate, caring, good, exhibit the Fruit of the Holy Spirit, and have the heart of Jesus Christ, impacting the lives of thousands of persons.

We beseech you both, Apostle Scott and Prophetess Frew, to continue to stand for Jesus, for righteousness and holiness and for the mandate of the Kingdom of God. We, the members of Signs and Wonders Deliverance Ministries International, salute you - stalwarts of Christianity, and jewels in the crown of God.

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