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Oberlene Smith-Whyte | Will Jamaican penises take a positive stand?

Published:Saturday | December 16, 2017 | 12:00 AM
Oberlene Smith-Whyte

This external male organ serves two main functions, urination and sexual intercourse. It is, however, the latter that has generated much discussion by religious scholars and social scientists regarding its main purpose - lovemaking versus procreation, or both.

Worshipped, praised, demonised, the male phallus in the Jamaican society goes by the moniker 'd*ck', 'pye-pye', 'charlie', 'cop-cop', 'teelie', 'sugar', 'bamboo', 'b*ddy', 'h**d', 'c*cky', and so much more, but by biological terms it's simply the penis.

In 2015, a study carried out by in 80 countries revealed that the average penis size measures 5.5 inches. The Democratic Republic of the Congo scored with the longest penises measuring an average of 7.1 inches, Jamaica 6.4, while the United States of America has an average length of 5.1 and North Korea, 3.8. The Jamaican man is obviously very gifted, taking into consideration that few are going to be more gifted, while others, too, will fall short.

Growing up in rural Jamaica as an inquisitive child, I heard stories of doctors having to put a ring on Mr Tata's penis because it was too long and also heard of Maas Gensy's woman having to go to her doctor regularly because the size of his penis "mek her maw come down". I even overheard a conversation with my mother and another woman, where the woman was telling my mother that since her son was born, she was not having sex with her husband because she could not manage his penis. This led the couple to have only one child.

As a young police officer while working at Central Police Station, I had a conversation with a prostitute. She told me than she went to a brothel with a man and when he unzipped his pants and she saw what was coming her way, she became terrified by the length and bolted.

It has been illustrated that in ancient Greece, male beauty was regarded totally different then; small penises were considered superior than big ones. In fact, big penises were associated with humour, lust, ugliness and foul-mindedness, while small penises were linked to intelligence, logical thinking, and authority. Understandably based on their philosophy, most ancient Greek sculptures had diminutive sizes.

The Jamaican penis has, for a long time, been a sought-after commodity. Women from many countries in the world come to Jamaica to sample not only the cuisine, sea, sand and sun but the penis, as big penises are now openly revered as valuable and manly.




Like the ancient Greeks, our women back in the day seemed to have been satisfied with less, or was it that it was not considered womanly to want or ask for more? It appears however, that, over time, our cultural values have definitely changed and we have come to accept that for the majority of those of African descent, our men are well endowed. The women are, however, now daringly demanding even greater penis lengths than what exists.

In recent times, I have had conversations with the younger generation through various workshops and they have boldly said, "Mi no waan no six inches man," or "no six inches can satisfy mi."

"What is your ideal size penis?" I would enquire.

"Tell yu di truth, from eight to 15 inches."

It is not one, two or three women who are demanding these lengths; it's many of our young people, and while they are asking for length of penis, they are also asking for length of stay during the act, with comments such as, "Weh mi a do wid a one-minute man? Less than half-hour or more caan hole mi," or "Him haffi can tan pan e lang."

Because of these messages, men who feel gifted are confident in their masculinity, while a man with a smaller penis might feel less secure and pressured. The penis, therefore, is in a constant dilemma to prove itself, and its owner, at times, resorts to various tools and aphrodisiacs to increase length, strength and stamina, even at the risk of medical complications later.

I read an article some time ago about a man who has the longest penis in the world, a whopping 18 and a half inches. He said he has never had sex. He did make two attempts, however. The first woman was afraid of the length and the other woman said it was too painful. To think, his 18 and a half inches is only two and half inches longer than what is being requested by women here.

Could it be that the present generation of Jamaican women is suffering from the old adage of 'wanty-wanty can't get it' and 'getty-getty no want it' why the perception of satisfactory penis length has changed? What is evident is that men are putting pressure on themselves to satisfy the Jamaican woman's expectations, as is evident in songs such as Wreck a P** P** and Bruk Off Mi C***.

The penis plays a significant role in the creation and extension of life but can also be very destructive.

Will the real Jamaican penises take a positive stand?

- Oberlene Smith-Whyte is a retired superintendent of police who holds a Master in Business Administration. Email feedback to and